Black yoni eggs

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Black yoni eggs

You may associate the color black with feelings of sadness, loneliness, depression, and emptiness. However, in the case of gemstones and minerals, black yoni eggs offer physical, mental, and spiritual healing properties for everyone.

This collection primarily focuses on black-colored yoni eggs, regardless of their size, quantity, and if they're drilled or not. One of the ways to find out which yoni egg or eggs work best for you is if the color attracts you in some way. Since all yoni eggs are made from precious minerals which came from the earth, they have the ability to give off a certain energy and vibe, you'll feel as if the stone is "calling" you to choose it. So, if black yoni eggs lure you in, then you might want to see if there's an appropriate one (or two) for you here.

Larvikite yoni eggs offer protection in your everyday life. This is most useful when you are always traveling and exploring new things. Or if your profession is located in a hazardous environment, like a construction site or a mining area. Aside from protecting, Larvikite can also calm your nerves and help regulate your blood pressure.

Labradorite is best for people who are working in customer service. It will instill ethical habits and courtesy when dealing with problems and complaints to appear more civilized, gentle, and mannerly amongst other people. This is also perfect for temporary workers and part-time employees and it can guide you to sustain a more stable and permanent full-time job. The Labradorite is helpful for sufferers of respiratory problems, and certain ailments like colds.

Black Jasper will serve as your good luck charm in life as it encourages positivity everywhere you go, whatever you may be doing. Over time, you will feel its overall power as it guides you through your everyday journey, helping you deal with problems, overcoming difficulties, and stabilizing your life without making it boring. The Black Jasper can be useful for those who are experiencing bodily pain: in the joints, bones, or muscles.

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