Crystal quartz yoni eggs

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Crystal quartz yoni eggs

Crystal quartz is known as the most abundant form of mineral in the world. Both the ancient and modern age have at some point used the crystal quartz for healing, development of inventions, and other uses. When people speak of crystal quartz, they were mostly referring to the hexagonal perfect jewel, however, the gemstone is much more than that. It is the supreme gift from Mother Earth, holding countless restorative properties in all aspects. Even the smallest of the mineral holds more power and knowledge than a master healer.

The mineral that's also called the "rock crystal" or "ice crystal" came from the Greek word "krystallos" which means "ice", formerly because it was believed to have been originated from water that was frozen so hard it will never thaw. Elders and ancestors believed that these crystals are alive, taking a breath every 100 years.

Regular use and meditation with Crystal Quartz yoni eggs will introduce your mind to a higher form of spiritual power, enabling you to communicate with the spiritual realm and help you translate those into the physical form. They are believed to be capable of "listening" or sensing the user's individual needs, enhancing whatever energy is instilled into them so as to broadcast it to both the physical and spiritual universe. They will imbue a feeling of wholeness and oneness, emptying your mind and filtering out distractions.

Physically, the Crystal Quartz yoni eggs are considered to be as the master of all healers, and it can be used in any condition. They have the ability to stimulate the immune and circulatory systems, improving the flows of energy into the body which in turn balances it. The gemstone has been used to aid in the treatments of vertigo, migraines, or coping up with dizziness and motion sickness. People who are currently on a weight loss journey can also benefit from the yoni eggs' healing powers.

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