Hematite yoni eggs

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Hematite yoni eggs

Stones are known for their own distinctive qualities with their own healing benefits. There are tons of different stones all across the borders of the globe; however, there’s one particular stone that stands out, and that’s the ever sophisticated and classy Hematite stone.

Yoni eggs have been around for over 5,000 years because it has proven health benefits to a woman’s body. One of the popular yoni eggs used by women is Hematite Yoni Eggs. This hematite gemstone delivers inner peace and removes negative energy, this is especially so with the love aspect of your life. As a matter of fact, this powerful grayish black stone has been used by women for centuries as a means of an alternative way of healing. It goes way back in the times of Ancient Egypt, and during this period, Hematite was used to eliminate poisons from the body. Hematite also stops blood flow as well.

Magnetic Hematite is the ideal stone to treat people who are suffering from blood pressure disorders as well as kidney problems, making it one useful semi-precious stone. For those who are dealing with pain as it balances and maintains the charge of your nerve cells. Magnetic hematite assists in regulating blood flow in the body. This treats headaches and anemia, making you feel better and allowing you to plow through your day with much vigor.

Its physical healing benefits do not stop there, this also helps you with cramp relief, spinal concerns, and fractured bones, which fastens recovery when you have an injury. What makes Hematite Yoni Eggs sought-after by women is because of its Charka Balancing properties. This stone in particular balances and activates your root chakra. A healthy root is needed to keep your life energy up, help you with endurance, and your connection and rhythm to nature.

Popping Hematite Yoni Egg in between your legs helps you regain back your self-control and control your self-centered behavior. Adding this to your daily routine will make you feel better, do better, and achieve better things.
In the emotional aspects, Hematite is known for its emotional benefits. It’s also called the stress tone because of its benefits on emotions. Working out with this yoni egg enables you to be more focused on your tasks, helps you with balanced emotions, and supports in communication as well as self-esteem.

Another property that this stone has is its metaphysical properties, it has the power to bring out the best in you to support you with your hopes in life, dreams you want to achieve, wishes, and desires to realize. It gives you the needed boost to reach for the stars and will give you the confidence to win against the battle of yourself. This strengthens your emotions, balancing your mind, body, and spirit. This type of stone is ideal for women who have Aries or Aquarius for their astrological signs.

Check out our Hematite Yoni Egg Collection to create a harmony with yourself and all that surrounds you for a more productive lifestyle.
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