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Shungite yoni eggs

Shungite stones are one of the most unique stones you can find because of its benefits. It comes with the title as a Miracle Stone of the 21st century. However, this stone has already been around for more than 2 billion years.
There were no records or research on the stone’s benefits until 1996. It was found out that Shugnite stone holds antioxidants fullerenes in it. After it won the Nobel Prize, people were starting to see the healing powers of Shungite.

You can say that in terms of popularity, Shungite is an extremely late bloomer, often left out by the group. People have ignored the existence and useful benefits of Shungite long enough, it’s time to give it its long overdue spotlight.

One thing that makes Shungite remarkable is its hollow fullerenes. Due to its unique feature, it is often called us Buckyballs. They come with a molecular formation that’s specific to carbon; it’s the same thing that’s in noncrystalline carbon and mineraloid that is called as Shungite.

Shungite carries a purifying property that’s also found in Carbon. This property is what made Shungite popular in the first place; this can only be found in Russia, in a remote place called Karelia. This also carries tons of health benefits. This stone delivers protection against electrosmog. Another thing that makes this really cool is that it fastens recovery speed and the process of healing.

Negative energies are being absorbed, and it delivers protection from anything that’s harmful or negative to your body. It brings in good vibrations, good energies, and most importantly, a good and healthy life.
Not only does it deliver good energy, but it brings spiritual growth as well, allowing you to get in touch with your inner self, getting you into a higher state of consciousness. This positive transformation enables you to see the importance of life.

During a long journey, this stone works the best. It fights off the feeling of fatigue during travels or when you’re particularly working hard at work. You can also get fatigue from GPAs, cellphones, or electromagnetic fields in general. If you’re into traveling or you plan on traveling anytime soon, you may want to bring along our Shungite Yoni Egg. It balances your energy levels to avoid stress and give you the benefits of grounding.

This stone has a soothing and calming effect, perfect for when a situation is out of control. If you want to relax your mind, just pop this yoni egg in between your legs and start working out your pelvic muscles. Adding this to your holistic training regimen strengthens your vaginal muscles, allowing you to have stronger and orgasms. Intensify your sex life with your significant other with your yoni eggs; these will help you with your antics in the bedroom while giving you tons of health benefits.

Our Shungite Yoni Eggs Collection is handpicked by the experts to ensure quality stones just for you. Take a look at our extensive egg collection today and add one to your arsenal!

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