Yoni Eggs Buyers Guide

You heard Yoni Eggs can deliver amazing results that will help your reproductive and sexual system? You heard right! However, before you rush and click “Buy” on the first Yoni Egg you see, you should read this buyers guide. Better safe than sorry, right?

Yoni Eggs have two sides, two completely different uses. One side is purely physical, as you can use these eggs to train muscles. The other side is esoteric, as Yoni eggs can help you  cultivate your sexual energy, renew your life force, boost your femininity, and clear your body’s chi pathways.

However, regardless of the benefits you hope to experience through the use of these eggs, one thing is certain — you can’t just buy anything that bears the name “Yoni Eggs.” You need to know how to use them, which size is appropriate for you, which types are out there, and much more. Once you have read this guide, you’ll have more than enough info to make an informed decision and buy Yoni eggs that are the best choice for you.


Yoni Eggs for Beginners

If you’re just entering the world of Yoni eggs, you might be a bit overwhelmed. Yoni eggs are very personal, so you should get to know more before you start using them.



In Sanskrit, female genitalia is referred to as “Yoni.” This term also means “sacred space.” This symbol has been worshipped in Eastern cultures for hundreds of years for giving life, love, and creativity. All of that power lies within this one, sacred part of the female body.

Yoni eggs have several names, such as jade eggs and love eggs. However you call them, they are polished, egg-shaped semi-precious stones that are meant to be worn inside the vagina.

According to certain estimates, women have been using these eggs for more than five millennia.

Concubines and empresses of Royal China used these eggs in secret so that they could stay toned and tight for longer. Although Yoni eggs started out as a way to please the rulers of ancient China, women using them quickly realized they offered other benefits as well. Yoni eggs allowed these women to maintain fantastic health as they aged, access their sexual power, and awaken sensuality.

Taoist practitioners have also been using Yoni eggs for centuries. They believe that a strong pelvic floor and vagina make life energy more powerful.

Taoist practice includes taking the egg’s energy in, imagining their own energy filtering through the Yoni into the spine and out of the top of the head. Another Taoist exercise with these eggs includes trying to filter the energy through the Yoni and then trying to keep the cleansed energy above the belly button, as your personal energy nova.

What also added to the popularity of Yoni eggs are Kegel exercises. Dr. Kegel developed these to treat urinary incontinence in women. He soon realized that they carried many other benefits as well. Women who once thought they couldn’t reach an orgasm realized they could. Women whose climaxes were rare and barely noticeable found out that they could be a lot more frequent, and a lot more powerful. As women who do Kegel exercises started claiming their sex lives and relationships improved thanks to stronger pelvic floor muscles, more and more women started doing these exercises.

However, half of the women who tried this approach didn’t get the expected results. That was due to the fact that they were doing the exercises wrong. Yoni eggs help prevent that, they are the tool that helps you do the Kegel exercises the right way. When you insert the egg, you can feel it move against your vaginal walls. That gives you better control over which individual muscles you’re contracting at different moments in time.

An ancient practice, combined with modern ideas resulted in incredible physical, mental, and sexual benefits.

Until a few years ago, this ancient practice was a secret only available to Taoists and the members of the Chinese royal family. Ever since it became public, it has been gaining popularity, and no wonder. This holistic approach is like a chain reaction — one benefit is leading to another.



Yoni eggs are a holistic, hygienic, non-porous alternative to usual pelvic floor exercisers. Unlike other tools that help you do Kegel exercises, these balls aren’t made with phthalates, BPA, chemicals, dyes, or plasticizers. That means that Yoni eggs are unique in the current market because they are completely safe and natural.

Yoni eggs offer three distinct types of benefits:



Pelvic and urogenital muscles are the ones that help support our sexual organs. Sometimes, those muscles get injured, neglected, or simply weakened. In turn, that leads to them having a negative effect on our sex lives.

Exercising with Yoni eggs will help strengthen those problematic muscles. Having a Yoni egg inside while you’re doing Kegels ensures that your pelvic floor muscles get activated. A Yoni egg can help awaken your inside tissues, muscles, and organs, while promoting new nerve growth and rejuvenation of old ones.

As a result, your sensitivity will heighten, you will have a better posture and more control over this part of your body. With stronger pelvic floor muscles, you’ll be able to enjoy sexual experiences more, have more intense orgasms, and discover other G-spots (yes, there’s more than one in there).

As a result, your libido will increase, and if your sex life was sluggish, it would definitely liven up. Regular use of Yoni eggs will also help increase natural lubrication, even in post-menopausal women. With complete control over your pelvic floor muscles, you’ll be able to provide an unforgettable experience to your partner.



Women who are new to Yoni eggs all start out from the same point. They don’t know how to control their vaginal muscles, let alone how to control their eggs. For instance, many beginners lose their first Yoni eggs in the toilet. The moment they squat over it, their eggs fall out. Same goes for laughing or sneezing hard.

Thanks to all of this, in time, Yoni eggs also contribute to your body awareness. Having to think about this part of your body whenever you move makes you appreciate it more. It also makes you more aware of all of your movements. As a result, you start understanding your body and yourself a lot better. That, in turn, increases your sensuality, confidence, and makes you feel better in your own skin.

The simple act of taking control of your body will help you connect with yourself on a higher level. This will, in turn, help you access your creative potential and your feminine power.

With regular use of Yoni eggs, you can strengthen your Chi or Qi energy, balance your chakras, and clear unprocessed negative energy.

So Yoni eggs don’t just affect you physically and sexually, but also mentally. Consider using Yoni eggs as a form of meditation — many women use Yoni yoga to reach their inner selves.



As we have mentioned, Yoni eggs help strengthen pelvic floor muscles as well as the urogenital ones. However, this won’t just have a positive effect on your sex life, but on your physical health as well. Yoni eggs can help you deal with urinary incontinence, prolapse, menstrual pains, recovery after childbirth, and menopausal issues such as vaginal dryness.

Using a Yoni egg before childbirth can make the experience easier and less painful. On the other hand, using it after can help reduce the recovery time after the childbirth.

Childbirth or gravity can have a negative effect on some women and cause pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence. All of this can lead to a decrease in life quality. However, this can be rectified with regular exercises. Women whose problems were so severe they had believed they would never be able to run or dance again, solved them with Yoni.

Exercising with a Yoni egg can help resolve or decrease all of these issues. How? Well because exercising with a Yoni egg increases blood circulation, which in turn increases vaginal elasticity. Yoni eggs are there to keep your vagina toned and active in spite of aging and damaging influences.

Although Yoni eggs are beneficial for most women, they aren’t a good fit for everyone. Women with a hyperactive pelvic floor and those whose intercourse is painful for no determined reason shouldn’t use these eggs. So if you’re uncertain, it’s best to visit your gynecologist and check if these eggs are the right choice for you.



For most beginners, using a Yoni egg is terrifying. What if it gets stuck? What if it is uncomfortable? What if I break it?

These questions are usually inevitable. However, we have to tell you; they are also completely unnecessary. We’ll explain how a Yoni egg should be used, so you don’t have to worry once your Yoni eggs arrive.

First of all, inserting something into your vagina can be slightly unpleasant. So don’t push yourself, try it for the first time when you’re ready. Once you are ready, lay down comfortably, open your legs and insert the egg. Do it rounder part first — with just the tip of your finger. Once the egg passes the opening of your vagina, it will be pulled in by your muscles. That’s when you can start doing the exercises.

Yoni eggs can’t get stuck. When you’re wearing one, it will naturally move up and down as you move.

Removing a Yoni egg is simple — squeeze your pelvic muscles and push it out. If this doesn’t work, squat and push. If that doesn’t work either, just start laughing, and as soon as you relax your pelvic floor muscles, the egg will fall out.

Before and after every use, you should sterilize your Yoni eggs in boiling water. You shouldn’t use Yoni eggs during menstruation, pregnancy, or when experiencing acute medical pelvic issues.

Of course, all of this will be a lot easier once you try Yoni eggs out. Also, if our instructions aren’t perfectly clear, you should get a practice guide or a link to a website with instructions alongside your Yoni eggs.


Yoni Eggs or Ben Wa Balls

We already explained what Yoni eggs are. However, we still have to explain what Ben Wa balls are, and how these two differ.

Ben Wa balls have many names. Geisha balls, Venus balls, rin-no-tama, and Orgasm balls. They are usually the size of a larger marble, hollow, and they contain a small weight inside. These weights roll around causing sexual stimulation when inserted into the vagina.

When it comes to materials, Ben Wa balls can be made of metal, silicone, glass, or rubber-covered plastic (the most frequent).

Ben Wa balls are made for pleasure alone, but they can help strengthen vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. Once you insert these balls, your muscles will flex around them automatically, which will in turn tone the muscles over time.


How do they differ?

Both of these are tools that can help women strengthen their pelvic floor muscles. However, they are different in many aspects. The choice, of course, depends on what you like better.

Yoni eggs are made of semi-precious gems, while Ben Wa balls are usually made of rubber-covered plastic.

That means that your first choice has to be natural vs. man-made material. In our opinion, it’s always better to take the natural route — choose to put a natural, safe material inside your body.

Yoni eggs have mental, physical, and sexual benefits, and their use is based on Taoist principles, meditation, and ancient Chinese beliefs. On the other hand, Ben Wa balls are perfect to satisfy fantasies and bring pleasure.

Now you need to choose what you want to use this for. If your goal is sexual pleasure alone, Ben Wa balls are the way to go. However, if you are looking to experience other benefits as well, and use the metaphysical healing properties of gemstones, you should definitely choose Yoni eggs.

While Yoni eggs are simple eggs made of one natural material, some Ben Wa balls even have a vibrator inside to help women orgasm.

Are you looking for ancient techniques or modern ones? Yoni eggs can help you orgasm, and you can use them with your partner. However, the biggest part is on you. You need to learn how to use them, practice, and be creative with them. On the other hand, Ben Wa balls are very simple to use, and you could even say that they are doing your job for you.

So, if you just want something to have fun with, choose Ben Wa balls. However, if you are ready to put in the time and the effort in order to reap maximum benefit, you should give Yoni eggs a try.

While Yoni eggs are shaped to fit any vagina naturally, Ben Wa balls aren’t so ergonomic.

A very simple call is before you — do you want something that just slips in naturally, or not? Yoni eggs are shaped as they are in order to allow them to slip right in, which is why they’re perfect for beginners. They are comfortable, easy to use, and easy to practice with. On the other hand, if you’re an advanced user looking for something interesting, you can try out Ben Wa balls.


What Size Yoni Egg to Use

Yoni eggs come in three sizes — small, medium, and large. However, they are counterintuitive. Most people would think that you should start with the smallest egg and work your way up to the largest one. However, that is not the case here. You should start with the largest one, and as you get better and your pelvic muscles stronger, you should work your way down to the smallest one.

You start with a large Yoni egg because it is easier to feel and simpler for your muscles to grip it, especially if they are already weak. Bigger eggs are also heavier, so they will also act as weights and be harder to keep in for longer time periods. But don’t worry — if you’re a beginner it’s normal to be unable to keep the egg in. Start by doing your exercises by sitting or lying down.

As you build pelvic floor muscle strength and dexterity, you will be able to start using smaller and smaller eggs. And no, this won’t happen overnight. Most women need weeks if not months of regular use before they can switch from the large egg to the medium one. If you use your Yoni egg only sporadically, your progress can take a lot longer than that.

Large Yoni eggs are about 35x50 millimeters. Medium Yoni eggs are about 30x43 millimeters. Small Yoni eggs are about 25x35 millimeters. You noticed we keep saying “about”? That’s because different manufacturers offer different sizes, so the measurements won’t always be precise to the millimeter.

Not everyone has to start with the largest egg. Some women can start with the medium one without a problem. It doesn’t matter if you’re petite or tall, a medium should suit you just fine.

However, if you try a medium egg for a month or two and still feel like a larger one would suit your needs better, you should take a large one. Once you feel comfortable with the size you’re using, you can move on to a smaller egg.

If you’re uncertain which size is best for you, you just gave birth, or finished menopause, a set of three different sizes might be the best choice.

When it comes to the small Yoni eggs, they have two uses. Their first use is for advanced users who already have significant control over their pelvic muscles, and who wish to experiment with their partners. Their second use is for women who experience pelvic floor tightness, where a Yoni egg can help relieve the tension.

If you’re still uncertain regarding the size, you can consult your body and find out what’s best for it. Before ordering any of these eggs, trust your body and turn to it for guidance. We mentioned above how big Yoni eggs usually are. Measure those distances between your fingers and check just how comfortable your vagina and inner walls are with those measurements. That’s how you can definitely determine with which egg you should start out with.


Drilled or Undrilled Yoni Eggs

Whether you’ll take a drilled or undrilled Yoni egg is completely up to you. That tiny hole makes no difference when it comes to your exercises or the benefits of the egg. However, there are certain differences that you should take into consideration when choosing the perfect Yoni egg for yourself, or as a gift.


Why you might want a drilled egg

If you’re just starting out with Yoni eggs, you are probably uncertain about how to use them and if they can get stuck. We told you they couldn’t, people who use them told you it’s not possible, but you still aren’t completely certain that it won’t get lost in your body. That’s why a string can be reassuring.

The best choice for a string is unwaxed dental floss. You will need a new, clean piece of floss every time you want to wear your Yoni egg.

However, if you get used to a Yoni egg with a string, you might get unpleasantly surprised at one point or another. Some women reported that the strings could come off during use. The fact that the string can come off isn’t so terrible if you don’t panic. You see, once you try to get the egg out by squeezing your pelvic and vaginal muscles, it will fly right out, string or no string. But if you only ever used Yoni eggs with a string, it can be a bit scary for a moment.

String or no string, if you’re just starting out, just bear in mind that the egg can’t get lost inside of you. If you need an “anchor” to feel better when starting out, feel free to use the drilled Yoni eggs.


Different drilled Yoni egg models

When it comes to drilled eggs, there are two drilling methods. Top to bottom and sideways. The top to bottom is old school, classical way to drill Yoni eggs, while sideways came recently. For most women, sideways is the better among the two, as it enables easier cleaning of the egg. Another thing you should consider when choosing is where the string goes. With top to bottom drilled eggs, the string goes outside of the egg and then loops through the hole.

The choice is, once again, completely up to you. Consider which is better for you, and which you would feel more comfortable with, and then choose.


Which is better — drilled or undrilled?

That is a tough question.

Most women are at first afraid that their Yoni eggs will end up stuck. This problem comes from the fact that we mostly lack basic knowledge regarding the anatomy of our own bodies. The vagina is a taboo territory, so talking about it is uncomfortable for most people. Thanks to this lack of knowledge and understanding, concerns regarding undrilled eggs are completely normal.

So, usually, women start out using drilled Yoni eggs. In time, as they feel more and more comfortable with them, and as they learn more about what their vaginas are capable of, they start experimenting with undrilled eggs. Usually, these experiments lead to transferring to undrilled completely.

So, women prefer the drilled Yoni at first, the model they perceive as safer until they get comfortable and more knowledgeable about their own bodies, after which they usually start using undrilled Yoni eggs. 


How to get over the fear?

Many women claim they want to relax, they are conscious that undrilled eggs aren’t a danger, but their subconscious won’t let them even try. It’s ok. You can start with a drilled Yoni egg. However, when you do, exercise the skill of “laying an egg.” That will allow you to gain more insight into how your body works and help you overcome the fear that the Yoni egg might get lost inside of you.


Can the hole affect the energy of the crystal?

If you want to use a Yoni egg because of the beneficial effects of the crystal it is made of; this is a good question. There are many people online who claim that drilled eggs aren’t as good in that aspect as undrilled ones. However, their claims aren’t based on crystal-related knowledge, just on uninformed bias.

A hole in the egg has no effect whatsoever on the crystal or its energy. The spiritual qualities of a crystal Yoni egg will not be different because of that one hole. After all, if that were the case, wearing crystals or semi-precious gems as jewelry would have no positive effect, would it? Adding carving or holes to a crystal will not change its metaphysical powers at all, as nothing can take away its earth-given energy.


When is the string necessary?

If you want to practice vaginal Kung Fu, you will definitely need the string because it involves tying weights to your Yoni egg.

For this purpose, we recommend using structurally strongest Yoni eggs — the Nephrite Jade ones. You see, when you’re just learning how to do vaginal weightlifting, the egg will fall out frequently pulled by the weight. Crystalline stones such as Rose Quartz aren’t tough enough to survive constant falls, so it can break.


When is it important not to have a string?

If you want to wear your drilled egg when you leave the house, that’s ok. As long as you don’t go to the beach or a pool with it. Since it has a string, it can easily fall out of your bikini and be quite embarrassing. That’s why undrilled eggs are much better for this purpose.

Another time when you should consider replacing your drilled Yoni egg with an undrilled one is on a date. If you’re planning to go on a date and reach third base, you don’t want your partner to grab a string accidentally. Although it could be funny, it could also be embarrassing, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.


When it comes to cleaning…


As you already know, cleaning your egg between uses is extremely relevant. And as we have already mentioned, it isn’t hard — hot water is more than enough to take care of it. However, cleaning a Yoni egg with a hole can be a bit tougher, as buildup can gather in it. You can clean the buildup that remains in the hole by running hot water through it and soaking it in a mix of water and Tea Tree oil.

You can clean drilled eggs properly; we’re not saying it’s impossible. It’s just more work than with undrilled eggs.


The question of eco-friendliness

You see, most women use dental floss as the string for their drilled Yoni eggs. However, floss comes in a plastic container. If you plan to use your Yoni egg a lot, that means you’ll be needing more floss, which in turn means more plastic waste. If you’re looking to be truly eco-friendly, your choice will be simple as no string means no waste.


Different Types of Yoni Eggs

Choosing the stone your Yoni egg is made of is a very personal matter. Each stone has different healing properties and brings different spirituals benefits. When choosing a stone, you should follow your gut and pick a stone that “calls” to you. There’s no right or wrong choice when it comes to this. Your stone will choose you, and you will know if it’s the right fit in an instant.

However, when you’re choosing online, this can be more difficult. First, you can’t sense a crystal’s energy just by looking at your computer screen, and second, not everything that people sell online is safe to be worn inside your vagina for prolonged periods of time.

That’s why we will list most popular, safe Yoni egg stones here and explain their healing properties and qualities.

Traditionally, women used only three different stone types. For the beginning, it was the healing Jade that helped women heal both physically and mentally. Then, they would introduce Black Obsidian that had a goal to work with and integrate a woman’s “shadow.” And last but not least, Rose Quartz that had a task to open the heart.

According to Taoist teachings, these three stones have been used for thousands of years, and they bring numerous benefits. However, as people learned more about gemstones, they discovered new uses and benefits of the three base stones, as well as other stones that can have beneficial effects.


* Nephrite Jade

Concubines and empresses used Jade Yoni eggs for centuries.

This stone is the best choice for basic practice and for beginners. Nephrite Jade is a smooth, hard, non-porous gemstone. It is really hard to break it by accident, you can clean it by boiling it in water, and it has a perfect weight.

When it comes to the effects of the stone itself, it has the ability to help heal the female reproductive system. Its light healing energy also keeps the wearer safe from unwanted outside energy, helps resolve inner energy excess, and heals past trauma.


* Black Obsidian

This stone is known as the stone of truth. It resonates with your root chakra. Its powerful, yet tender energy has the ability to reveal answers that you’re hiding from yourself. Another powerful characteristic of this stone is absorbing negative energy and keeping it away from the wearer.

When you’re using Black Obsidian Jade eggs, you’re opening a path for releasing suppressed emotions from your body and getting rid of old traumas. It also helps cut through deception and limits while enabling you to resolve issues quickly.

Thanks to this stone, you will be able to diminish selfish urges, release the past, become more practical and compassionate, while at the same time more intuitive.

On the physical side, Black Obsidian brings a different set of benefits. It helps with digestion, joint issues, relieves arthritis, cramps, sore muscles, and helps detoxification.


* Rose Quartz

This stone is often called the Love Stone. It communicates with the Heart chakra. When you are ready to dissolve your emotional blocks, when you want to give and receive the energy of love, you use this stone to prepare to open yourself to it.

It helps you heal your heart while radiating a comforting gentle energy that raises your self-esteem and allows you to love and understand yourself.

This egg will attract love, increase sensitivity, help create fulfillment, and help you look forward to changes and accept them.

When it comes to physical benefits, Rose Quartz can help your circulatory system, increase fertility, and alleviate postpartum depression.


* Lilac Jadeite Jade

This stone resonates with crown and third eye chakras. That means that Lilac Jadeite Jade helps you connect to your spiritual knowledge and then filter these insights.

Lilac Jadeite Jade stone is great for wearing during longer periods of time, as you can use it all day or all night without it being too overwhelming. It imbues the wearer with compassion, vision, intuition, awareness, innovation, and purification.

When it comes to physical benefits, this stone cleanses the spleen, adrenal glands, removes toxins, and boosts your metabolism.

With its tender and kind energy, this Yoni egg will encourage you to become more spontaneous and creative. This stone is one of the best choices for meditation.


* Green Aventurine

This quartz stone variety is the stone of opportunity. It promotes good luck and brings success and wealth to the wearer. However, it doesn’t only do that, it also radiates a sense of comfort, and has the potential to heal inner organs.

Green Aventurine radiates inventiveness, calmness, and confidence, while helping you to be tireless. This stone also has the ability to allow you to grow from problems and help you to manage hardships without them overwhelming you.

This stone is a great choice to wear if you spend a lot of time around electromagnetic pollution sources such as phones, computers, and TVs because it neutralizes their effect.

When it comes to its physical effects, Green Aventurine has anti-inflammatory effects and helps skin, eyesight, and allergy conditions.

Although these five are the most popular, they aren’t the only ones you can safely use.

You can also consider Amethyst, Agate, Bloodstone, Blue Quartz, Carnelian, Blue Sodalite, Green Jade, Helu Jade, Labradorite, Mookaite, Red Jasper, Red Snakeskin, Serpentine Jade, Shiva Lingham, Siberian Jade, Tiger’s Eye, White Nephrite, and Smoky Quartz.

When buying your Yoni eggs, always check that the stone they are made of is genuine and not chemically altered or made of pressed stone chip.



In the end, the choice is yours. The size, the stone, drilled or undrilled — you need to consider all the factors before you choose a Yoni egg you will feel completely comfortable with. Just take in all of this information, sit on it a bit, and the answer will come to you.

Hope we helped you choose!

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