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Yoni Eggs

What are they? Yoni eggs are magnificent semiprecious stone meticulously crafted by professionals turned into the shape of an egg, thoroughly polished while keeping its unique distinctive and unique pattern.

These eggs could easily pass for a house ornament, beautiful in its own characteristic style, it’s a guaranteed head-turner for anyone who lands their eyes on them. Place it on your living room table, and no one would bat an eye – it blends perfectly along with the other elegant ornaments.

As a matter of fact, yoni eggs aren’t new to women. These eggs have gracefully withstood the test of time, it’s been around for over 5,000 years in recorded history. Yoni eggs, in particular, are popular among empresses and concubines in China.

Royalty uses Yoni Eggs to get in touch with their sexual power, awaken their hidden sensuality, and to keep them tiptop condition. Regularly training with these little eggs enables women to be in perfect shape even as they age.

Just like how these eggs have withstood the battle of time, this also allows women to preserve their inner and outer beauty. Yoni eggs were kept in secrecy by the royal family, only allowing these gems to be used among themselves and a number of Taoist practitioners.

It’s not surprising that Yoni also stands for sacred space. Its sign has been adored in the Eastern cultures back in the day as it signifies life, creativity, and life. It brings out the magical areas of the female body.

Thankfully, yoni eggs are now made accessible worldwide, so women can rock their pelvic floor muscles with their favorite music for more action. It greatly improves your sexual sensations and body confidence.

It delivers mind-boggling orgasms, heightening your sexual experience with your significant other – it gives you more fulfilling sex life. Working out regularly with yoni eggs tightens your vaginal muscles, making you feel intense vibrations during intercourse. These eggs hold the power to awaken your inner sensuality, an ideal tool for your spiritual transformation. Your libido increases, which brings out a totally different side of you.

Pop these gems between your legs to increase your natural lubrication regardless of how old you are. Yoni eggs are the perfect tool to take you to a livelier and happier place in body, mind, and spirit. This makes you develop an intimate relationship with your entire body, your significant other, and more importantly, yourself.

Moms use yoni eggs as a means of a recovery method to help them out with childbirth. Training regularly enhances your Tantra, Qigong, and as well as your yoga practice. Reduce the symptoms of PMS, menstrual cramps, and the duration of your menstruation by making yoni egg training a part of your daily routine.

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Yoni eggs can be very beneficial for the health of your vagina as well as the strength of your pelvic muscles. Not many women are aware of the fact that the vagina is a muscle that needs to be exercised on a regular basis. Not only can such workout improve the health of your genitalia, but it can also remove many vaginal issues that, practically, every woman faces nowadays (like incontinence). While Kegel exercises are also very beneficial, Yoni eggs have no alternatives today.

But how can we use them properly? We will provide the answer in the lines below.

How to use your Yoni eggs?

Not every woman is comfortable with the fact of inserting a foreign object into her vagina. It’s normal to feel a bit insecure in the beginning, especially if you’re not able to release the egg when you want to. But even if you use your Yoni egg for longer time periods, it won’t cause any harm to your vagina — in fact, the healing effects will be far greater. Even though this may sound great, you should still aim to find a healthy balance. And, luckily, we will be able to help you out by providing some very valuable tips.

When should I start using my Yoni egg?

You can use your Yoni egg while you meditate, watch television, and even while going out for a walk. You need to experiment in order to find the combination that suits you the most. By using a Yoni egg properly, the knowledge of your vagina will increase tenfold. Moreover, you will be able to unlock the full potential of your sensuality.

How should I wear my Yoni egg?

Yoni eggs are symbols of transformation in pretty much every culture worldwide. The egg can transform your old (and stagnant) energy into a fountain of love and happiness.

Before you insert a Yoni egg inside your vagina, make sure that you’re not stressed out. You really need to be as relaxed as possible. You can also prepare your body with a comforting nipple massage. After the massage is done, you have to connect your reproductive center and your heart center. Once you are calm enough, you need to move your hips as much as you can. Once the pelvic muscles are fully relaxed, you can insert the egg. Make sure that the larger part of your egg gets in first and then gently push the rest of it.

In case you have drilled eggs, you need to use a string in a similar way that you would use your dental floss in order to remove the egg after the exercise is finished. If you don’t have a string, you can apply some pelvic pressure or just use your fingers to extract the egg. In case you have no issues, try to go into a squat position and see if that helps. If not, you can try laughing as much as you can and, eventually, the egg should come out on its own.

One thing that we have to point out is that you mustn’t use Yoni eggs during menstruation or while having a health issue in the vaginal area. In that case, you will hardly see any benefits at all. In fact, you may end up having plenty of counter-effects instead.

What about intercourse?

Many women had amazing experiences with these eggs during an intercourse and the same thing applies to men as well. The bottom line is that you should always listen to your body. While you may notice the effects of these eggs only briefly, your partner will feel them much more intensely. As the egg massages his penis, he will get orgasms much quicker than he usually would.

Always make sure you ask your partner how he feels so that both of you can have an enjoyable intercourse.

Inserting Yoni eggs

The next important step is to learn how to insert your Yoni egg properly.

First off, just like with any exercise, you need to warm up. You can begin by massaging your breasts. Do it as gently as possible to avoid side-effects. Both breast and nipple massages can be very beneficial as they can stimulate your kidneys and your endocrine system. Most sexual energy is “trapped” in these two places, so a proper massage is a right way to “release” it.  You have to relax and pay attention to the signals that your body is sending.

Once you feel sufficiently prepared, you can start focusing on your vaginal opening. Make some circles around it and insert the egg as gently as you can. To prevent critical injuries, you should find a proper angle and insert the bigger part first. Don’t push the egg all the way to the cervix area, you should allow your muscles to relax and then pull the egg through. You should either lie down or use a horse stance position when inserting your Yoni egg.

If you want, you can also use a lubricant to speed up the process. We recommend organic extra virgin coconut oil, as this type of oil has significant antifungal and antibacterial properties that can protect your vagina from external pathogens. This oil is very cheap and you can find it in any local supermarket. Synthetic products can be very useful as well, but we don’t recommend using them. Organic substances are way superior compared to the artificial ones.

Can a Yoni egg get stuck?

Even though the chances of a Yoni egg getting stuck inside your vagina are very low, the theoretical risk does exist. No matter how realistic it is that it would happen to you exactly, you should certainly be prepared to overcome this situation.

The first thing you need to do is relax — the egg can’t travel too far and it can’t go past the cervix area. So don’t panic, let the egg do its work, and keep listening to your body. If you’re too anxious, mediate and try to think positive.

The same lubricant that we have mentioned above can also expel the Yoni egg for you as well. Yes, coconut oil can be very helpful once again! Take a deep breath and relax. You can sit on the toilet, but be ready to catch the egg as soon as it comes out if you have no underwear. Don’t strain your vaginal muscles, pick up the egg gently to avoid any uncomfortable situations. Vaginal muscles can be way more stressed than you realize — all of that comes as a result of chronic, ongoing stress. So the more relaxed you are, the faster the egg will come out.

As a reminder, we should point out that even if the egg stays inside for as long as 24 hours, it won’t cause any harm to your body. As a matter of fact, some couples use Yoni eggs to increase their intercourse experience. In any case, you should remove it as quickly as possible, but you should also have in mind that it won’t cause any damage unless the egg itself is in a very bad condition. Just keep practicing until you can expel your Yoni egg whenever you want!

What about drilled eggs?

If you’re having issues with undrilled eggs and you want to have more control over the expelling process, you can always get drilled eggs instead. These eggs have special holes for strings that you can later use to pull them out. But the best thing about drilled eggs is that you don’t have to use a string — you can remove the eggs with your fingers as well.

One thing has to be noted here, though — you should never use your drilled egg in the rectum area (unless we are talking about the vagina). The egg is much more likely to get stuck there and, in that case, it would be much more difficult to get it out.

All you need to do is master the practice of expelling the egg

As soon as you learn how to expel your Yoni eggs without thinking about the whole process, that’s when you can say that you’ve really mastered it. We certainly encourage you to use strings if you’re not relaxed enough. You shouldn’t expect the results to come right away but, with regular practice, they will come soon enough for you to reap the benefits early on. If you’re really struggling to remove the egg, perhaps the size is too big, and you may want to switch to a smaller alternative.

Once you are completely satisfied with the dexterity of your vaginal muscles, you’ve reached the point where you can use both drilled and undrilled eggs as you will have enough knowledge to remove both of them without getting uncomfortable side-effects.

Can Yoni eggs fall out?

After deciding which egg is right for them, one of the biggest concerns that new Yoni egg practitioners have is — can Yoni eggs fall out? And what should we do if we are unable to keep the egg inside the vagina?

Yes, Yoni eggs can indeed fall out on their own and this happens very often when your vaginal muscles are too weak to keep these eggs in place. You can start fixing the issue right away — by making your pelvic muscles stronger.

If you can’t hold the egg inside while walking around, try to sit down for about 10-15 minutes. Squeeze the egg as much as you can and try to feel it. If you can’t feel its movement, shift your focus to the pelvic area. Now, try to squeeze these muscles and, even if you feel nothing again, be patient and don’t give up. Remember, success rarely comes overnight, so you need to be dedicated enough and you need to believe in yourself. Eventually, the benefits will come on their own and you will no longer have to worry about your Yoni eggs falling out in random places. The more you practice, the faster you will make your muscles stronger. Just make sure you don’t go overboard, as balance is the key to everything (including your health).

How to remove Yoni eggs?

Even if you are really careful, chances are the egg will still get stuck in your vagina. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling and yet, it can happen to any woman who practices with Yoni eggs. If you’re lucky enough, the egg may fall out just when you are about to spread your legs. But what should we do if that’s not the case?

As we’ve mentioned already, the bottom line is that you shouldn’t panic — the egg won’t be lost and it certainly won’t be trapped in your body forever. Even if it takes more than one full day to get it out of your body, you won’t feel any nasty side-effects, so you shouldn’t be too worried that the egg might cause internal damage to your body.

The key steps

Still, even though Yoni eggs can stay trapped in your body for quite a while, it’s a good idea to get them out as quickly as possible. Depending on whether you use drilled or undrilled eggs, you can use strings to help you out. We recommend using a string even if you don’t have a drilled egg as it makes the job so much easier.

In any case, these are the steps that you need to follow:

●     Go into a squat position

One of the most effective ways to remove a trapped Yoni egg is to go into a squat position. Spread your legs, crouch, and push as hard as you can. Chances are this strategy is all you need to expel the egg.


●     Use the power of your vagina to help you out

If you prefer laying down rather than crouching and straining your leg muscles, you can do that as well. Lay on your back, spread your legs a bit, and use your vaginal muscles to push the egg out of your system. Even though this is a very comfortable way to expel the egg, you shouldn’t do it unless you have strong vaginal muscles already. If you were practicing with your Yoni egg for a while, chances are your muscles are strong enough. But, if not, you may want to use a different strategy.

●     Don’t hesitate to use your fingers

In some cases, you can use your fingers to remove the egg as well. If the egg is not trapped too deep inside the body, you should certainly try this simple (yet effective) method!

●     Laughing can help as well

Laughing is a very healthy habit that can prolong your life. But did you know you can also remove your Yoni eggs this way? Laughing will relax your muscles and it will allow the egg to come out much easier than it normally would. So, if everything else fails, find a good joke, laugh as much as you can, and you never know — you may see your egg again much faster than you realize!

●     Try to massage your perineum

Massage is another great way to relax your muscles so that the egg can get out naturally. All you need to do is massage the perineum area and your vaginal muscles should be relaxed again. At this point in time, you can try another strategy to remove the egg out of your body. But don’t be too surprised if you spot it just when you’ve finished with your massage — it may happen indeed!

●     The bottom line is — don’t be anxious

Even though there are many different ways that can help you relax, the most important thing is that you shouldn’t be anxious in the first place. If your body is already in a relaxed state, the chances of your Yoni egg being trapped will already be fairly small. The muscles will be relaxed and there will hardly be any spots that could “contain” the egg for a long period of time. So, the less anxious you are, the smaller the chances of the egg being trapped will be.

How long to use Yoni eggs?

How long should I use my Yoni egg? The answer to this question may vary depending on the type of Yoni egg that you are using. However, some things are well-known nonetheless — in general, you should use your Yoni egg for about two hours and at least three times a week. Technically, you can wear it for up to 12 hours in total, but listen to your body and don’t go overboard. While some women can use their Yoni eggs for 12 hours without any issues, other women may experience frequent discomfort.

If you notice some issues as you walk around with your Yoni egg, you should practice sitting with the egg for at least 10 to 15 minutes a week. You should also try to squeeze the egg and see if you can feel it. After some time, the strength of your muscles will increase and you’ll be able to walk around with your Yoni egg without any issues.

Cleaning a Yoni egg

Just like everything else, you have to maintain your Yoni egg if you want the egg to last for a long time. You don’t have to do a whole lot, but you will have to clean the egg on a regular basis to improve its durability.

Before you start using your Yoni egg, inspect it thoroughly. Even if the egg is brand new, it may become damaged during the shipping process. It’s not uncommon for new Yoni eggs to have plenty of cracks. For some eggs, such conditions are completely unacceptable, but for others (like Rose Quartz eggs) it’s normal to have a certain amount of inner cracks. In any case, if the egg has plenty of outer cracks and if you believe that the egg is not in good condition, don’t use it and try to get a better alternative.

Once you’ve ensured that your Yoni egg doesn’t have any (significant) cracks, use a regular soap and warm water to wash the egg. Repeat this process at least twice because some parasites are very persistent and they can only be removed with intensive washing. In general, you should avoid synthetic products and you should just use a natural, organic soap, as this kind of soap won’t irritate your skin even if it’s overly sensitive. You can also wipe your Yoni egg with a combination of cotton gauze and vodka. Alternatively, you can also use alcohol if you have some nearby. We recommend hard alcohol but, in general, any type will do its job as long as you’re not using rubbing alcohol.

Is there another way?

Yes, there is another way to clean your Yoni egg and they’re both equally effective. The first thing you need to do is boil a pot of water and, once the water becomes hot enough, you can remove the pot from the stove. Let the water cool for a while and then put the egg in it. Don’t touch anything for at least 12 to 15 minutes. You can also add some tea tree oil in the water if you like.

You can also energetically clear your Yoni egg before you use it for the first time. Put some sea salt in a bowl and allow the egg to stay there during the night. If you don’t have any sea salt, sweet grass, or palo santo, high-quality sage should do the trick as well. If you use your Yoni egg on a regular basis, you will realize how important it is to energetically clean your egg every once in a while.

Yoni egg safety

Every product carries some health risks and Yoni eggs are no exception. In general, these eggs are very safe and they are not dangerous by default. However, if you’re not properly informed about potential side-effects, no matter how minimal they really are, they can cause quite a damage. Moreover, Yoni egg sellers will usually try to hide this information from you, so you have to rely on the good old internet to dig out the actual facts.

The biggest danger lies in the fact that you can’t just insert any crystal inside your vagina. Some crystals dissolve way too quickly, others may rust after a while. Finally, some crystals are way too toxic and you should avoid them at all costs.

Luckily, not all crystals are dangerous — some of them are completely risk-free. But what crystals are safe and which ones should you avoid? You will get an answer to this question in the lines below.

The good crystals

Before we move on to harmful crystals, let’s focus on the good ones first. There are several types that you can use without worrying about any side-effects. They are as follows:

  • Jade
  • Amethyst
  • Rose Quartz
  • Natural Quartz
  • Most Jaspers
  • Carnelian
  • Obsidian

Regardless of which of these Yoni eggs you are planning to buy, they are all 100% safe. While Jade and Rose Quartz are very popular choices, you can’t go wrong if you decide to give Amethyst or Carnelian a try.

As long as you have benefited from your Yoni egg and as long you’re having a wonderful time, that’s the only thing that really matters!

The bad crystals

And now let’s talk about the bad crystals. These are the types that you should avoid:

  • Angelite — it contains plenty of lead.
  • Chalcopyrite — this Yoni egg contains sulfur.
  • Chrysocolla — contains copper which can be very harmful in the long run.
  • Galena — yet another type that contains lead.
  • Lazurite — another Yoni egg that contains sulfur.
  • Orpiment — it contains arsenic that can be extremely dangerous.
  • Rhodochrosite — there is plenty of lead in this egg as well.
  • Selenite — as soon as it dissolves, it releases countless chemicals that can be damaging to the entire body.
  • Sunstone — another stone that contains aluminum.
  • Turquoise — it contains copper.
  • In general, you should avoid any dyed crystals as well (as dyes themselves are very toxic).

Along with the previous crystals, you should also avoid the following ones:

  • Calcite — it dissolves way too quickly and that is not a good thing for your health.
  • Chalcedony — this crystal is very porous and it may carry a lot of bacteria.
  • Hematite — it’s very prone to rust. This process is a side-effect of natural oxidation.
  • Pyrite — as you might know already, pyrite can easily convert to sulfuric acid.
  • Selenite — it can be broken very easily and it dissolves intensively in areas with plenty of moisture.

So, what is the bottom-line?

The bottom-line is that, as long as you avoid the crystals that we’ve mentioned above, you can use your Yoni egg without any health concerns. Remember, the eggs are not harmful by default, but certain materials can be toxic if they enter your body. Now that you’re armed with proper knowledge, you should be able to dodge all of these hazards effectively.

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