Best Yoni Eggs for Beginners

All of us at one point or another in our lives find ourselves looking for something more. Whether it’s religion, purpose, or simply a missing spiritual something. For many people, the powers held in the stones of Yoni eggs are a great way to find what they are lacking. Each type of stone has its own powers, and when you choose the right one it can bring your entire mood up!

But which stone should you go for? Almost as soon as you decide to give one a try, you’ll find yourself practically drowning in different types of gemstone. All of these will claim to cure all kinds of different things, from menstrual cramps to mood swings, from helping you fall in love to helping you recover from trauma. How can you possibly know which sort is best for you?

You could spend some time researching, learning all about the history of Yoni eggs all the way from Ancient China to the modern day. You could spend time learning about each type of stone, which ones are suitable for your body, and the amazing benefits each has to offer. But who has the time? So we’ve done the hard work for you, and compiled this short list of the best Yoni eggs a beginner can buy!

Gentle and Green - Nephrite Jade

Undoubtedly one of the most popular gemstones used in Yoni eggs, Nephrite Jade will often be the first recommendation given to many beginners. The energy contained within is light, warm and gentle, and are a great place to start.

A jade Yoni egg works to rebalance your body, bringing everything into harmony by getting rid of the negative energy that can build up inside you.

Why do these get recommended so heavily? Well, when you’re embarking on a spiritual journey, it can be great to start with a clean slate. A Jade Yoni egg will let your body heal from the trauma of the past, giving you the perfect foundation to move onto other gemstones which match the things you want to achieve!

Our top Jade Yoni egg pick has to go to this lovely three-piece set, complete with a storage bag to keep them safe and clean. The variety of sizes mean you can experiment with your own body until you find the perfect fit!

Smooth and Luxurious - Amethyst

If you’re looking for something a little less vanilla, you might want to try out an Amethyst Yoni egg. These deep purple stones are some of the most beautiful available, which makes perfect sense given the traditional meaning of luxury associated with them.

Amethyst Yoni eggs aren’t just there to look good though. These stones are exceptional at improving your clarity of mind, and simply using one regularly can drastically improve your thought processes and intellectual prowess. It’s a no brainer really!

Our top Amethyst Yoni egg pick is this gorgeous individual egg with it’s own stand. Not only can you learn the ropes as its larger size is easier to use, but you can also display it proudly when you aren’t wearing it to show all your friends just how luxurious you are.

Dark and Mysterious - Black Obsidian

Some of the most striking Yoni eggs you’ll see are those made of Black Obsidian. These stones have been around since prehistoric times, and their most striking feature is the sheer darkness they exude. It’s almost like they suck the light into them from their surroundings.

Unlike their surface appearance though, Black Obsidian can help you search much deeper inside yourself. This is simply the stone of truth! We aren’t just talking literal facts though.

A Black Obsidian Yoni egg can help you search the depths of your soul, and find answers to questions that have been plaguing you in your everyday life. Whether it’s love, jobs, friends or family, Black Obsidian can give you the clarity you’ve been searching for.

Our favourite Black Obsidian Yoni egg is this simple but elegant piece, complete with it’s own storage bag. It’s so beautiful you might also want to use it as a necklace as well as Yoni egg, so you can always carry your inner truth with you.

Pure and Luminescent - Opal

Our final choice for a beginner to get started with Yoni eggs are those made of the striking Opal gemstone. While often not viewed as a pretty stone in the same way as Amethyst or Obsidian, Opals have their own unique look that makes them a sight in their own way.

In fact, when the light strikes them you’d be forgiven for thinking they were the best looking of all the gemstones.

The unique thing about Opal yoni eggs is that they help magnify your inner self. If you aren’t sure exactly what you’re searching for in your Yoni egg journey, an Opal stone can help you start on the road by simply pointing out your own traits, good and bad. It’s also a great creativity booster, so if you’re looking for that extra bit of flair in your work, and Opal stone can really help.

Our top choice for an Opal yoni egg is this three-piece set. With shades of pink permeating the whitey-blue surface, they make for some really unique pieces. You also get three different sizes, so can find the perfect fit for your body and then use the other two as decorative pieces or jewellery.

Our Verdict

So your options are completely wide and varied, and which is best for you will depend entirely on what you want to get out of your Yoni eggs. So how can we possibly choose one winner?

Well, we don’t!

Our top pick for a beginner to start with Yoni eggs is this three piece set. Containing not one kind, but three different gemstones, you can experiment with them and feel their different energies yourself! With Jade, Rose Quartz, and Black Obsidian, you can try to find your favourite stone, or use them interchangeably as your own moods shift. Why stick to one gemstone when you can explore them all!

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