Which Is the Best Gemstone Yoni Egg?

Looking at our varied selection of Yoni eggs, you might be wondering which one is the right pick for you. Seeing them all laid out next to each other is a lovely proof of the sheer diversity of nature. However, it is time for you to make a choice. So how exactly do you do that?

First of all, it is extremely important to note that there are no mistakes when choosing a crystal. This is not a test, and you will not be graded. Just as all in nature exists for a reason, so does each crystal perform a special and unique function. Therefore, you do not need to be an expert on metaphysics or crystal healing to know which one works for you. Instead, what you need to do is trust your intuition.

How do I choose the right crystal for me?

Take a careful look at the crystals. Pay attention to their colors and patterns and see which one draws you most. Moreover, take note of your emotional reactions to the crystals. You will most likely feel intuitively drawn to the crystals that match the exact chakras you are trying to heal. Otherwise, you can always read up on the specific properties of various gemstones and see which one makes you feel most complete.

Sometimes, however, you will simply feel a special, subtle bond with a specific stone. Making you feel like that is just one of the ways the crystal can interact with your aura. Ultimately, there is nothing wrong with making a choice based on this kind of intuitive feeling.

Naturally, there is a great deal of mystical knowledge behind each crystal. That is why, if you are new to crystals, you might want to learn the basics of chakras and crystal healing. With that said, here is a basic outline of the chakras and some of their corresponding gemstones. Remember that this is just the most basic information and that every single crystal holds powerful properties if used right.

The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra, also known as the thousand-petaled wheel, is our topmost chakra, located in the crown of our head. Ancient Indians regarded the chakras as energetic nexuses located inside our body. Our physical, mental, and spiritual health all depend on the free flow of energy through each of these nexuses.

The crown chakra is thought to be our highest spiritual center and the seat of pure consciousness. Therefore, the crystal which corresponds to it is none other than the Amethyst. This crystal is believed to strengthen our link to our inner divine nature. Moreover, we associate it with royalty, spirituality, contentment, growth, and transformation. Amethyst can help you enter a state of emotional balance where you gain a clear perspective of your life and become capable of making wise decisions.

The Third-Eye Chakra

The third eye, located between the eyebrows, is also known as the guru chakra. This is the spot where the guru touches the spiritual seeker during the ritual of initiation.

You can treat any blockages in the third-eye chakra with the help of a Quartz crystal. Quartz is a clear, friendly crystal which helps you bring clarity into states of confusion. This could be where the expression “crystal clear” comes from.

When it comes to specific types of quartz, the Rose Quartz is a crystal we associate with love, harmony, pleasure, and kindness. Your third eye emits a spiritual gaze, and just like our natural gaze, what we see is what defines us. With the help of a Rose Quartz, you can color your spiritual perception a tone of love and empathy.

The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra resides at the base of the throat of your subtle body. Indians associate the throat chakra with the element of space. Many of us suffer from blockages in the throat chakra. Those often manifest as an inability to express yourself, chronic anxiety, and repression of your dreams and desires. Luckily, none of these problems are impossible to handle.

The crystals which help with your throat chakra are Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, and Aquamarine. All three are naturally green or deep blue, and their cool colors indicate their energetic properties. What they do is “cool down” your mind and quiet the voices of your insecurities. By boosting your logical prowess, they help you regain the confidence to speak and express yourself in front of other people.

The Heart Chakra

The symbol of the heart chakra is a sacred lotus with twelve petals. A strong and balanced heart chakra allows you to live free of fear and open up to the world. However, if a blockage takes place, it can result in isolation, loneliness, an inability to forgive, and a lack of trust towards other people. What’s more, a blocked heart chakra is especially notorious for interfering with your romantic life.

One of the gemstones capable of naturally soothing a troubled heart chakra is the Green Jade. The deep, cool green color of the natural jade is a tell-tale sign of its main properties. Namely, green is the color of life, vitality, youth, and rebirth. Therefore, the jade is able to bring peace and calm to any source of unrest. It is especially good for healing the scars and wounds left by old trauma.

The Navel Chakra

The navel chakra, or solar plexus chakra, is linked with the element of fire and the so-called middle stage of self-discovery. Just like a strong core sustains and supports our physical body, so does the core of our subtle being provide us with courage and power. A healthy navel chakra allows you to be assertive without having to resort to aggression. Moreover, it is the seat of fairness, maturity, clear judgment, and authority.

If your navel chakra is suffering from a blockage, you may be facing low self-esteem, dependency on other people, and an inability to set boundaries. However, you can heal your navel chakra with a Black Obsidian. This intense, passionate crystal is capable of draining out massive amounts of negative energy. However, it might also confront you with some repressed emotions of yours.

The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra resides at the root of our sexual organs. Therefore, we associate it with sexuality, fertility, and the element of water. A blocked sacral chakra renders us unable to feel true intimacy and to find pleasure through our bodies.

While more than one crystal can help with the sacral chakra, you might want to consider the Carnelian first. This complex stone is capable of both soothing your wounds and opening you up. Besides, orange and amber crystals such as that one are famous for being able to clean up any residual energy in your body. Therefore, they can help you free yourself from sexual frustration so that you can regain your confidence and learn to listen to your body.

The Root Chakra

Finally, the last (or the first, depending on your starting point) chakra is the root chakra, located at the base of your spine. The root chakra is your foundation, the spiritual center which allows you to feel at home. Any imbalance in this chakra results in a lack of stability and safety. What’s more, it can seriously impact your feeling of physical safety.

If you are suffering from such anxieties, you might want to consider a Bloodstone. This deep, dark, crimson gemstone contains potent healing powers. Most of all, it helps you become grounded. It has a beneficial effect on your intuition and your creativity, which is the result of an enhanced feeling of safety and freedom. On top of that, it protects you from any wayward negative vibrations which may come your way.

What is the story behind each crystal?

As mentioned before, here is but a tiny portion of the massive body of knowledge mankind has garnered on the subject of crystal healing. Every single stone holds powerful and mysterious properties which we are only beginning to understand.

What you’ll read next is a much more detailed insight into the healing properties of each separate crystal. With that in mind, if you feel like a crystal might hold the answer to your problems, read on, and enjoy these lovely gifts of nature.

Benefits of Jade Yoni Eggs

Humans have prized Jade over other precious stones and minerals ever since the dawn of our culture. For over an entire six thousand years, humans around the world have been using Jade for a number of ritual and daily purposes. The early settlers of the British Isles have valued it for its notable toughness. Consequently, they used Jade to fashion various weapons and tools.

However, few cultures have treasured Jade as fervently as the native people of Central America and Mexico. To the Aztecs and the Maya, it was more precious than gold, which confused the Spanish colonists. It seemed that, while the rest of humankind cherished gold without exception, these strange natives were in love with this green crystal. They surely wondered if there was more to Jade than meets the eye...

All cultures which treasured Jade have used it for ritual purposes, aware of its mystical potential. Therefore, they frequently used Jade to make figurines, deity masks, ritual bowls, knives, charms, and amulets.

In New Zealand, custom dictates that you should cast Jade into a well as an offering to the spirits of water. Chinese artisans were no less impressed with the quaint green crystal, making incense burners, jewelry, vessels, and statues out of it.

Mystical properties of Jade

What does the long history of Jade tell us about this gem? What’s clear at first is that Jade has always been used for religious and mystical purposes. Many cultures, divided by both space and time, all without exception realized that there was something special about Jade. And humanity never stopped appreciating Jade: even nowadays, people use it as a powerful charm for peace, longevity, creativity, and knowledge.

There are many different mystical properties associated with Jade. However, there are some traits which all people agree on. For instance, Jade was always considered to be a potent link between the physical and the spiritual world.

Many associate Jade with sages, healers, and seekers of truth. What’s more, it is believed to signify peace and calm, wisdom, and reason. Jade, some say, dispels even the most powerful illusions and allows you to come in touch with your deepest, true self.

Types of Jade

What we traditionally call Jade is actually two different minerals, in terms of science. One of them is called nephrite, while the other one is called jadeite. Although they are very distinct in terms of density, hardness and structure, it is no wonder people used to see them as the same stone.

First of all, they are very similar in looks, most notably the lovely shades of olive which we call “jade green” today. Secondly, and more importantly, their mystical properties are very much alike and just as potent.

Although Green Jade is without any doubt the most famous type of Jade, other colors may appear in nature. For instance, you can find nephrite in white, black, brown, as well as various shades of deep green. On the other hand, jadeite can be grayish white, bright green, bluish green, emerald, pink, red, orange, and even black.

Other than that, nephrite is more common, and thus cheaper. Jadeite is harder, denser, and typically more expensive. In fact, the most sought-after type of Jade is emerald green jadeite.

All kinds of Jade have their unique mystical traits. For example, Black Jade can protect you from negative energy, while Blue Jade boosts your calculated, clever side. Red Jade helps you become fearless and unrelenting, whereas Brown Jade is capable of powerful grounding.

However, what we’ll be discussing here will be Green Jade. The mystical nature of Green Jade has long been the focus of people’s attention, and it’s the one we know most about.

Now that we know just how powerful Jade is, here is how to use the benefits of this gemstone for different kinds of healing.

Emotional healing

Jade’s ability to eliminate negativity is truly outstanding, even when compared to other crystals. What Jade does, in fact, is integrate your body with your mind, which results in emotional stability. Therefore, Jade can help you break down complex tasks into simple parts, as well as tackle some serious challenges without fear.One of the main benefits of Jade Yoni eggs is how potent they are in regard to emotional healing. The cool energy Jade emits is able to soothe your feelings, especially when you are angry or irritable. Whenever you are struggling with an emotion which just seems to be bringing you more negativity by the minute, Jade can help you break the vicious circle.

On top of that, Jade is also famously known as the “dream stone”. Dreams are incredibly important to all kinds of spiritual seekers, from artists to shamans. Although we all dream, it takes a lot of very special work before you can clearly interpret your dreams. The mystical meanings they contain aren’t clearly visible to everyone.

However, Jade can help you improve the way you commune with your unconscious self. With the help of Jade, therefore, dreams can become more meaningful, easier to remember, and carry greater insights.

Finally, Jade is also a real treasure when it comes to dealing with your own limitations. This crystal can do wonders if you are a person working on their confidence and courage. If you employ Jade in your healing process, it will help you pursue your ambitions, desires, and ideals with passion and fervor.

What’s more, it will help you become self-reliant and resourceful. Many people report that Jade helped them escape the clutches of toxic relationships and gave them the courage to leave unhealthy partners behind.

Physical healing

Although Jade is famous for helping with emotions, people have also been using it for physical healing for thousands of years. This powerful stone has potent cleansing properties. It makes your body more efficient at filtering and cleansing all kinds of toxins and unwanted substances.

Therefore, a Jade Yoni egg is very good for the health of your spleen, kidneys, and various glands. Thanks to Jade, your body can become better at cleaning itself from toxins and balancing out its ratio of water and salt.

On top of that, Jade is good for the bones, and especially the joints of your body. Historically, doctors have used Jade for the treatment of hips. However, this crystal does not only help the problems of bones and organs. Instead, it is just as effective when it comes to all kinds of infections. Jade can help you get rid of many kinds of bacteria, viruses, and fungi, thanks to its restorative properties.

If you have suffered an injury, Jade can help your body repair itself from any kind of physical damage. The energy of Jade enhances the rebuilding properties of the skeleton, muscles, and tendons. What’s more, it helps to relieve you from the pain which accompanies such injuries.

Like any green crystal, Jade is also used for the treatment of reproductive problems. Green is the color of life, birth, and nature, which is why this gemstone has long served healers as an aid with male fertility issues. Besides that, women have also used Jade charms to ensure safe childbirth.

Some minor uses of the Jade gemstone include the treatment of eating disorders in teenagers. Besides, new mothers can resort to Jade for a dash of good luck and safety.

Spiritual healing

Besides that, some believe that Jade helps you achieve wealth and abundance. In fact, Jade has a long history of serving as a charm for financial security. In Central America, local cultures have treasured Jade more than gold or any other kind of object. It is clear that mankind has always linked Jade with wealth, success, luxury, and enjoyment.On a spiritual level, Jade is a connecting stone, building a bridge between our realm and our inner divine nature. Thanks to these traits, Jade can help you promote harmony, love, and joy in any kind of family and work environments. This lovely crystal can ward off harmful energy and negative thoughts. What’s more, it can help you take charge of your own thinking and create a more positive outlook on life.

The healing properties of the Green Jade are even more intense if you use it for any kind of spiritual development. As a matter of fact, Jade makes it easier for Divine energy coming from the soul to reach the perimeter of your life. Thanks to Jade, you will feel calm and serene. You will feel a deep desire to live life in the moment, free of worries and fears.

On top of that, Jade is believed to represent nobility. That does not refer only to the people of noble ranks, but also to the nobility of ideas. This grounding stone is useful to all kinds of shamans and spirit workers. It helps such people connect to the divine source while protecting them from evil spirits and interferences. Besides that, Jade represents love, nature, rebirth, and renewal. Like a snake shedding its skin, the spirit worker learns how to transform and grow, leaving the old self behind with the help of Jade.


If you are doing any kind of chakra work and energy healing, you can truly benefit from using Jade. Namely, Green Jade is incredibly effective at interacting with your heart chakra. Jade is very good for treating any blockages in your heart chakra, which brings you closer to emotional balance and physical health.

Although all chakras matter equally, you should pay special attention to the heart chakra. If that energy nexus falls out of balance, you will end up becoming depressed, angry, cynical, and defensive.

On the contrary, a healthy heart chakra is something we find in a person with a “big heart”. It allows you to enjoy life to the fullest, free of all kinds of needless fear and judgment. Green Jade helps you balance out your emotional reactions and gives you a greater share of control over your feelings.


Although Jade is not a traditional birthstone, it can still work as a birthstone for people born under the sign of Taurus or Libra. Taurus covers the period between April 20 and May 20, whereas Libra rules between September 23 and October 22. What is interesting is that both of these signs are under the rule of Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure.

Taurus is the star sign of people famous for their grounded realism. Although rational and conscious of the world, these people also tend to be affectionate and prone to intense emotions. Moreover, they are capable of appreciating beauty and the arts.

Libras, on the other hand, are bright, outgoing, and always in high spirits. Due to the influence of Venus, Libras are also likely to be in love with the arts. What’s more, they thrive on compliments and niceties and find their home in all things considered beautiful. Although sometimes frivolous, Libras deeply care about justice and fairness.


Jade is very useful for mediation because it is a ‘cool’ stone. What that means is that Jade helps you calm down your thoughts and take charge of your feelings. This stone is a great choice for all kinds of prayer beads. Typically, these beads contain 108 stones, which you finger while reciting a mantra of your choice.

If, however, you don’t have beads at your disposal, you can simply place jade on your “third eye”. That way, you can still enjoy the benefits of Jade while meditating. Thanks to Jade, you will have much less trouble getting into states of intense focus. What’s more, sages call Jade a friend to anyone seeking true wisdom.

Benefits of Rose Quartz Yoni Eggs

Few stones are as lovely and endearing as the Rose Quartz. This type of Quartz is famous for its unique and charming pink hue, as well as its shiny translucence. The gentle Rose Quartz is a heart stone, which is why many consider it the stone of the heart chakra.

However, all Quartz crystals can also help your third eye chakra due to their specific vibration. The most notable trait of the Rose Quartz is its soft, gentle energy which can conjure up the idea of peace, empathy, comfort, love, affection, and kindness.

The power of the Rose Quartz is nourishing, protective, friendly, and kind in nature. It is also very suitable for all kinds of healing, due to its ability to close up wounds, fears, traumas, and other low vibrations.

They say that we cannot receive love without giving love in return. Rose Quartz is the gem which enhances our ability to open up our heart and give the gift of trust to our close ones. In return, we gain the power to achieve the deepest, truest connections with others, as well as with our innermost selves.

Therefore, many people rely on the power of the Rose Quartz when dealing with troubled relationships, lack of trust, doubt, anxiety, and loneliness.

The history of Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is a gemstone people have always associated with romantic love and kindness. It is known to have been used as a token of love ever since 600 B.C. Nowadays, many still consider it a powerful charm for governing relationships and emotions. Most people rely on this crystal if they are looking to attract new partners into their life or to improve their intimacy in their existing relationships.

However, it is just as helpful if you want to develop a closer bond with your friends or family. In fact, this gemstone is capable of attuning you to the universe around you, thus fostering all kinds of connections. Relationships between people are just some of the links Rose Quartz is able to enhance. In fact, on the highest level of its functioning, Rose Quartz can bring you to a state of communion with the Divine.

Ancient cultures, such as the Romans and the Egyptians, have prized the Rose Quartz for its beauty, as well as its ability to make other things beautiful. For instance, people used to wear facial masks made of Rose Quartz for a fabled cosmetic effect. On the other hand, in ancient China, Rose Quartz was one of the main stones used for carving, together with the Regal Jade.

Besides that, this crystal has always been the stone of imagination, capable of inspiring artists, musicians, and writers. In brief terms, one could say that Rose Quartz is able to inspire passion for the beauty in both yourself and others, which is where its inspiring effects come from.

Some old names for Rose Quartz include the Silesian or the Bohemian Ruby. Besides that, Greeks have called it the “Hyaline Quartz”, from the Greek word for glass, because of its transparency.

Variations of Rose Quartz

Let us take a look at some of the basic science behind Rose Quartz. Namely, this gem is one of the most commonly found types of crystal from the Quartz family. It is a silicon dioxide, which can be found in large amounts all over the globe. Moreover, Rose Quartz is found only in massive form, without any edges or crystal faces. In terms of its looks, Rose Quartz can be either hazy or very see-through. It often contains traces of manganese, titanium, and iron, which can affect the color.

On top of that, sometimes it contains tiny fibers of rutile or other minerals which produce a starry effect when you polish it into a sphere. Overall, almost every type of Rose Quartz is prized for its looks.

Rose Quartz got its name from its soft and charming rose color. However, the color of the Rose Quartz can vary from a gentle, pale rose color to a very deep, hot pink. Another useful trait of this crystal is that its color is very persistent, so you don’t have to worry about it fading if you expose it to direct sunlight or heat.

An interesting fact is that, historically, two different gemstones used to be known as the Rose Quartz. Today, one of them is called Pink Quartz. This gem is found in clusters of small crystals. It holds very different scientific and mystical properties from the traditional Rose Quartz.

Rose Quartz holds such potent healing properties that it can affect you even by simply being in your proximity. Here are the main benefits of owning a Rose Quartz Yoni egg.

Emotional healing

As mentioned before, Rose Quartz is a crystal of love. However, that does not refer solely to romantic love. This gemstone governs all types of love, including the kind you feel towards a family member, and even a mystical, divine love. What this crystal is capable of is teaching you the true meaning and essence of love, which can emotionally cleanse you and heal you.

Likewise, the effects of Rose Quartz can render you open to positive new emotional experiences. This crystal can help you raise your vibration to a higher level. Consequently, it can teach you how to forgive and understand other people, as well as gain a higher moral perspective on life’s affairs.

Any spiritual seeker will tell you that love is not capable of coexisting with negativity. By enhancing the energy of love, Rose Quartz can help you expel toxic emotions and attachments. In fact, one of the main properties of this gemstone is restoring trust in other people.

Naturally, the key to regaining trust is becoming able to accept the past for what it is. Only when we process pain from the past in a healthy way can we move on to a brighter future.

Physical healing

Crystal healers have traditionally regarded Rose Quartz as a stone representing female nature. Therefore, it has a long history of helping the treatment of female sex organs. In fact, it is believed to be helpful both in terms of fertility and sexual release. Rose Quartz can help any woman reconnect with her body and reclaim her neglected sensual side. Besides that, it is also useful for treating postnatal depression, as well as all kinds of problems linked to early motherhood.

Since it is linked to the heart chakra, Rose Quartz is thought also to be able to help your physical heart. In fact, you can use it to give strength to a weak heart and to improve your circulation. With the help of this gemstone, you can relieve high blood pressure caused by stress and treat heart palpitations and other problems.

In ancient times, royal alchemists used to rely on concoctions containing Rose Quartz in order to help their patrons maintain their beauty, youth, and vitality. All these fabled effects are simply the result of improving the function of the heart and the blood vessels.

Spiritual healing

Spiritualists associate Rose Quartz with the feminine side of divine energy, which makes it one of the crystals of the Goddess. Other than working with your chakra, Rose Quartz can help you attune your aura to the great Universal rhythm. In a spiritual sense, no trait is more beneficial than harmony with the Universe. That is why, for millennia, people have cherished Rose Quartz for its mystical properties.

Rose Quartz is capable of healing your spiritual scars and dissolving fear and frustration. Most of all, it has the power to restore your faith in the kind nature of all creation.


You can use Rose Quartz to balance out the energy of your heart chakra, as well as your third-eye chakra. This crystal is effective for the treatment of any kind of blockage in these centers.

The heart chakra is located around our chest and is tasked with governing our interactions with the outside world. This chakra deals with the processes of giving and receiving and helps us understand our own needs and desires. If a blockage occurs, we become less honest and giving in our personal relationships, and struggle to accept change.

The third-eye chakra, on the other hand, is more related to our spiritual well-being. Here, the Rose Quartz crystal can help us adjust our spiritual perception. By perceiving the world through a gaze of divine love, our own reality becomes better and different.


By meditating with a Rose Quartz, you can work on attracting love and empathy into your life. Likewise, this crystal can help you fight feelings of defeat, loss, and anguish.

If you feel like your heart chakra may be the root of your problems, hold your Rose Quartz stone close to your chest during meditation. While meditating, empty your mind of all thoughts. Accept your thoughts and feelings as they come to you, both the pleasant and the unpleasant ones. Do not attempt to force your mind to clear up. Instead, observe peacefully as your thoughts come and go on their own. Every time you lose focus, just bring your attention to your breathing and keep going.

While you’re focusing on your breath, imagine that every time you inhale, an aura of love enters your body. Likewise, as you exhale, you release all kinds of grudges and negativity lodged up inside you. Visualize a pink light traversing your body as you do that. Continue doing this exercise until you feel that you are becoming lighter and that your mind is healing. Once you feel there is nothing more to do, recite a self-affirming mantra of your choice.

Just make sure you remain focused on love, compassion, and nourishment since these are the emotions which correspond to the energy of the Rose Quartz.


Benefits of Obsidian Yoni Eggs

Obsidian is not a gemstone which would attract a faint-hearted person. On the contrary, those who find themselves enchanted by this crystal’s unique and strange vibrations are often those with a penchant for the mysterious.

Unlike most other crystals, an Obsidian Yoni egg is incredibly intense, so much as to cause almost instant changes in your life. This stone has the power to keep you grounded in reality and even to confront you with some unsightly aspects of your own psyche.

However, this crystal is much more than just a harsh teacher. It is a keeper of the soul, proficient at warding off negativity and low vibrations whenever you bare your spirit to the world. But above all else, this gemstone is good at cleansing your mind from emotional debris. Whenever we suffer emotional trauma, even once we’ve fully recovered, certain energetic leftovers tend to linger on in our minds.

What makes those leftovers so undesirable is their tendency to drain your vital energy on a constant basis. Luckily, this one is among the rare crystals with the power of performing a deep spiritual cleanse. With the help of this potent gem, you will be able to break free of toxic attachments of which you may not even be aware.

What is Obsidian?

If you’re wondering what makes this one so unique among crystals, the answer may lie in its composition. Namely, this crystal is the result of the contact between water and volcanic lava. Many volcanoes are located near large bodies of water, and when they erupt, their lava spills into a lake or an ocean. For instance, think about the unstable Hawaiian volcanoes.

Once the lava comes in touch with the water, it cools down quickly and transforms into a glassy rock. That is where Obsidian got the name “volcanic glass”. Therefore, it is similar in composition to other crystals, but the way it reaches the surface is completely unique.

This gemstone usually contains traces of magnesium and iron, thanks to which it appears in a variety of colors. Ever since Paleolithic times, people have used it for making various weapons and tools, but also for crafting religious and mystical artifacts. Thanks to this crystal’s conchoidal fracture, it can be broken into pieces with sharp edges and curved surfaces. That is what makes it easy to fashion into daggers, axe heads, arrowheads, spear points, and swords. Weapons made of volcanic glass are said to be highly lethal and frighteningly powerful.

Mystical properties

This stone first saw its use as a mystical tool in the Stone Age. However, it was also very popular among the native people of Central America. Besides that, Melanesians have historically used sharpened pieces of it for tattooing their skin.

However, ancient sages discovered its mystical powers when they first polished its surface. What they found was a smooth, black mirror, similar to what medieval alchemists used for scrying and divination.

This mirroring function of this gemstone allows us to use it to gaze into the deep, hidden layers of our being. In other words, it allows us to confront and commune with our shadow self, which C. Jung defined as a sum of our fears, weaknesses, flaws, and all those things we refuse to accept. Some say that nothing remains hidden before this stone, and this trait has made it a powerful tool of spirit healers for thousands of years.

When it comes to magic rituals, these cultures used volcanic glass to interact with the shadow realm. Namely, the shadows reflected in a mirror made from this gemstone were believed to be slightly different from our reality. In fact, they were thought to reflect our own subconscious perception and the mystical, sometimes dangerous entities which reside there.

Tribal shamans cherished volcanic glass for its intense healing properties. They perceived this stone as a truth-seeking tool, one with the power of revealing the cause behind every misfortune.

This gemstone’s power of grounding a person is thought to be closely related to its healing properties. As a matter of fact, shamans believed that it connects the base of your spine to the energetic center of the earth. What’s more, it’s capable of protecting you from all sorts of negative influences.

Types of Obsidian

Although this crystal is most famous for the black variety, it can occur in a number of different colors. These are some of the most notable types listed with their most important traits. We will not be talking about Black Obsidian here since that crystal warrants its own chapter.


This is a type of Black Obsidian which contains a cluster of tiny white crystals which look like snowflakes when you polish the stone. This stone is considered a symbol of purity, capable of confronting the mind with truth and restoring balance to the body and the spirit. Moreover, this crystal has the power to open your eyes to needless negativity and wasteful stress. It allows you to gaze through the darkness of hardship and adversity and provides you with the strength to change your own mental perspective for the better.

Gold Sheen

This dark, often deep brown crystal glimmers in gold when exposed to intense light. Unlike the previous stone, this crystal is excellent for gazing. Namely, intense, meditative gazing into this stone can stimulate your unconscious mind and reveal the secrets of the past and the events of the future. Moreover, this stone is very kind, as it will always point you in the right direction for your healing process to succeed.

Like all crystals associated with solar energy, it is good for clearing up blockages inside the solar plexus chakra, which is the seat of willpower. Furthermore, Gold Sheen Obsidian is a favorite of reiki masters due to its ability to expose conflicts within the ego and all kinds of imbalances.

Silver Sheen

Unlike its golden counterpart, this dark crystal displays a silvery sheen when polished and illuminated. This type of volcanic glass is a famous bringer of good luck. It is able to sharpen your mind, improve your senses, and make it easier for you to communicate effectively. Just like the previous stone, this one is just as good for crystal gazing. A spiritual seeker can use it to gain an understanding of their own behavior and to work on their flaws. On top of that, this crystal is a valuable tool for astral projection due to the fact that it can protect you from malevolent entities.


Like the wood it was named after, this stone has an enchanting reddish-brown hue thanks to its high iron content. This crystal is not as intense and ruthless as Black Obsidian. Instead, it is a much gentler stone with a leaning towards healing. For instance, it can bring to light repressed feelings of sadness, lack of self-worth, loneliness, and injury.

Furthermore, once these feelings are revealed, this stone can help you dispel them by connecting you with the source of your strength and vitality. This crystal effectively interacts with the root and the sacral chakra, due to its strong link with the element of earth.

Heaven’s Eye

This precious crystal is known for its dark surface covered in sparkles of green, gold, red, orange, blue, or violet. The Heaven’s Eye crystal is famous for its powerful protective properties. If you are on a quest to find the long-forgotten causes of your troubles that are buried in your past, you can count on Heaven’s Eye to guide you on that journey.

Moreover, this stone is capable of releasing you from unhealthy attachments and giving you the strength to break away from people who drain your energy. Although this gemstone has a gentle, subtle effect, it is capable of working on all your chakras at once.


You could easily confuse this variety of volcanic glass with its cousin, the Heaven’s Eye. However, it is visually different from it. While Heaven’s Eye contains separate layers of colored sparkles, this crystal has complicated swirls and patterns, instead. This stone is friendly to those who undertake all kinds of mystical journeys, especially spirit healers and shamans.

Are you exploring your intuition for the first time? Or are you, perhaps, having your first contact with the mystical? If that is the case, this stone can prevent the waves of new information from overwhelming you. In the long run, it can even help you perfect your psychic senses.

Healing Properties

The greatest power of Obsidian is restoring the strength of the emotional body. By confronting you with your “shadow”, the darker side of your nature, Obsidian allows you to fight depression, anxiety, fear, and insecurity. All these emotions are merely holding you back from experiencing life in a complete manner. This potent crystal is always ready to help you deal with such problems if you allow it into your life.

When it comes to physical illnesses, all kinds of Obsidian are able to give you insight into the mental causes of physical disease. On top of relieving stress and tension, it helps your wounds, sprains, and bruises heal and disappear. Besides, it also helps you by relieving the pain of physical injuries.

Nowadays, many people rely on this crystal while they’re expelling toxins from their life. For instance, it can help you quit smoking or balance your appetite.


If you’ve looked at the different types of Obsidian we named here, you have probably noticed that different stones may work with different chakras. However, one thing all kinds of Obsidian stones have in common is the ability to treat blockages in your root chakra. The grounding power of this stone creates a link between your subtle body and the heart of the earth. That way, you gain an increased feeling of safety, security, confidence, and power.

Overall, these crystals can all help you take charge of your own life and reduce the negative influence of toxic people on your emotional states. This crystal is capable of cleaning up the traces of long-forgotten fears and traumas and increasing your capacity to deal with new challenges.


Benefits of Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs

Previously, we discussed the mystical properties of the numerous varieties of volcanic glass that we can find in nature. However, the variety which stands out most in terms of both popularity and usefulness is definitely Black Obsidian. All the traits of volcanic glass we listed before apply to this crystal as well, except in this case, these same qualities are much more intense.

Namely, this stone, also known as Glassy Lava or Glass Agate, is a potent cleanser of all kinds of psychic debris cluttering your aura. On top of that, it is also capable of acting as powerful protection against all kinds of harmful low vibrations. People who are working on their psychic intuition can greatly benefit from this gem due to its ability to foster such gifts.



Black Obsidian can inspire you to sever bad and harmful ties and break attachments to toxic people. Just like any other kind of volcanic glass, it is created when lava is quickly cooled down through contact with water. Because of that, crystal healers believe this stone contains the combined elements of fire, water, and earth. However, although it is versatile, this crystal’s strongest point is certainly its connection to the element of earth. People have long believed that this black gem can create a connection between your core and the energetic heart of the planet. In mystical terms, it can connect you with the Great Mother and holds the power of fertility, feminine strength, and stability.

During our daily life, we are all capable of building up incredible amounts of spiritual disharmony without even noticing. In fact, most emotional trauma tends to leave behind psychic debris and leftovers, which can take a real toll on our energy reserves. Luckily, this black stone is capable of helping us out with such problems to an incredible degree.

This stone is similar to a psychic vacuum cleaner — it is ruthlessly effective and direct. What you’ll experience first after using it is primarily an intense confrontation with your fear, anger, resentment, and passivity. However, after that uncomfortable start, this crystal will begin to guide you towards smart and responsible decisions, in a much gentler manner.

This gemstone has been around since prehistoric times. Moreover, people have been using it in a number of ways: to make the tip of an arrow or a spear, or as a ceremonial or religious artifact. Ancient shamans valued it for its incredible protective properties and used it as a tool for spirit-journeying. Later, during the Middle Ages, alchemists used it to construct black scrying mirrors.



Due to the unique structure of Black Obsidian, when you break it down, you get a smooth and reflective surface with sharp edges. Therefore, mystics quickly figured out how useful it would be for the practice of scrying. By scrying, or gazing into a black mirror, you observe the shapes and shadows which display themselves, and with intense concentration, allow your unconscious mind to take over.

Hence, by scrying, you can unlock the secrets of your inner mind, and — as some believe — predict the future, or reveal the hidden past. It is no surprise that this gemstone has the reputation of an absolute mystery, reminding mystics of the cosmic darkness which gave birth to the Universe as we know it. Therefore, we can associate this stone with both Mother Earth and the motherly aspect of the Universe.

Using Yoni eggs made of Black Obsidian can have an intense effect on a woman’s sexuality. By linking you to the source of all feminine energy, this crystal can perform a deep cleanse of all the unwanted residue of past negative experiences. As a result, you will feel closer to your own body, and in return, your body will reward you with new levels of pleasure and relaxation. Even without using Yoni eggs, just the mere presence of this crystal is enough to affect your aura. Let’s take a look at the most notable healing properties of this gem.

Physical healing

Black Obsidian can heal you on a physical level. Traditionally, people have been using it to treat all kinds of problems related to digestion. However, it can also assist you with your gallbladder. On top of that, this crystal is good for treating high blood pressure and overall heart health.

There are even more benefits you can gain from this gem. It can help your muscle tissues recover after injury or sports, and it can even help you treat infections. On a daily basis, this crystal will assist you in letting go of stress and tension, and help you enter a state of calm and relaxation. One of its most interesting properties, however, is its ability to help you realize the mental causes behind a physical ailment. When it comes to the body, this gemstone works in a quiet and steady way. If you are patient enough with it, you will greatly benefit from its presence in the long run.


Emotional healing

If you wish to improve your love life in any way, Black Obsidian can be of great help. On the one hand, this stone is not related to the sphere of love in the same way as, for example, Rose Quartz is. On the other hand, it can still be incredibly helpful, although in an indirect way. Namely, this stone has the incredibly important power to stimulate your self-growth. By working on yourself in a constructive way, each aspect of your life is sure to prosper, and love life is usually the first one to show results.

Here is an example: Black Obsidian can help you become less critical of yourself and others while becoming more rational and better prepared to work on your real flaws. It will release you from toxic feelings and useless negativity which is holding you back. At the same time, this stone will help you redirect your energy to a multitude of constructive purposes, such as objectively assessing your relationships and taking steps in the right direction.

All relationship troubles have their root in personal insecurities. Jealousy, bitterness, anger, and intolerance all stem from the same source. This gem can help you deal with these dangerous emotions. It does that by pointing you in the direction of their causes, and teaching you how to face your fears. Many of those fears may be nothing more than the leftover traces of old relationships, and this way, you can get rid of those once and for all. Once you feel stronger and more confident, there will be no room in your aura for jealousy and frustration. Instead, you will be receiving your energy from a divine source of Truth, which always brings release in the end.


Spiritual healing

The way Black Obsidian affects your emotions overlaps with the way it affects you on a spiritual level. Namely, most of the issues we suffer spiritually are the result of mishandling our egos. Paradoxically, the more we cling to ego-driven desires and ambitions, the more we lose our true sense of identity. Luckily, the grounding power of this potent crystal acts as a powerful ally in the struggle to remain ourselves.

For instance, a toxic relationship or an unhealthy work environment will gradually weigh down your aura with spiritual residue. If you are exposed to these effects on a regular basis, you will be too distracted to fight them. That is how you can end up in that headspace where your actions begin to feel very unnatural. Black Obsidian can rescue you from that by cleansing your aura from all that is stealing away your focus. By becoming grounded again, you will feel much better prepared to handle negativity than you used to be.

After a longer exposure to this crystal, you will begin to experience its effects on a spiritual level. You will be able to notice changes in your own behavior. In fact, you will find yourself more honest and objective, freer, and overall happier than before. Moreover, you will enjoy more self-control and a greater feeling of progress in life than before.



Those who are working on removing the blockages from their chakras will find Black Obsidian very useful. This stone works with your root chakra due to its strong connection with the Earth and the Mother Goddess. It can create a stable link between your aura and the central point of the earth’s collective energy. That way, thanks to the power of crystals, you can ground and attune yourself to your surroundings.

The root chakra affects our feelings of physical safety, financial and emotional stability, as well as our confidence. With a healthy root chakra, you will feel at home wherever you are. However, if you are suffering from a blockage, you can suffer anxiety, restlessness, and an overall lack of stability. Thankfully, this stone’s intense energy can make quick work of any such blockages.



To benefit from a Black Obsidian Yoni egg, it is usually enough to simply use it. However, you can experience even greater benefits if you use it during meditation.

By placing your Yoni egg on your navel during meditation, you can use it to ground and stabilize your aura. If, however, you place it near your third eye, you can break through psychic barriers and expand your mind. That is a good way to use this crystal if you are interested in dream journeying and your psychic intuition. On top of all of that, meditation with this stone can bring you immense emotional release. That can even catch you by surprise if you aren’t expecting it.

Since this gemstone cleanses your aura, you should keep it clean in return. By washing it with lukewarm water at dusk or dawn, you prevent the negativity from piling up in the egg. Other than that, keep it in a clean and high location if possible, away from dirt and dust.


Benefits of Red Jasper Yoni Eggs

A Yoni egg made of Red Jasper is likely to catch the eye of a passionate, temperamental person — a modern warrior of sorts. Ever since the dawn of culture, people have been cherishing Red Jasper as a powerful stone for protection. This intensely energetic gemstone acts as a guardian on both the physical and the psychic plane. The name of this stone reaches back to the ancient Mediterranean civilizations which gave birth to today’s society. Over the ages, notable healers, shamans, artists, visionaries, scholars, and rulers have all praised Red Jasper for its extraordinary virtues.

As we mentioned, this gemstone tends to attract passionate people because it acts as a mood stabilizer. To be perfectly fair, everyone could benefit from this stabilizing effect of Red Jasper. Still, those who need it most are those who tend to get lost in their own excitement and fervor. This convenient side of Red Jasper comes from its strong grounding qualities. Red Jasper is protective, comforting, nurturing, while at the same time able to nourish your passion and wanderlust. On top of that, this stone is a wonderful ally in our daily fight against anxiety and depression.


What is Red Jasper?

Although Red Jasper belongs to the Quartz family, it is significantly different from other types of Quartz. Namely, Red Jasper is opaque and occurs in large, grainy crystals, rather than fibrous layers. It can be found all over the globe. Red Jasper is very high in iron content, which gives it its memorable reddish-brown hue.

Over the ages, healers considered Red Jasper a gemstone of endurance, strength, and power. They associated it with warriors, bringers of justice, guardians, and life-givers. Red Jasper was thought to be able to stop bleeding, improve heart rate, as well as boost fertility. In ancient Egypt, priests believed Red Jasper to be the crystalline life-giving blood of the great goddess Isis. They often used Jasper for protective charms for the dead because of its connection with the Great Mother. On the other side of the planet, Native Americans saw Red Jasper in a strikingly similar way. Through the lens of their own myths, they also believed it to be the blood of Mother Earth, and hence used it for healing and improving their connection to the earth.

Today, crystal healing experts see Red Jasper in a somewhat different and more detailed light. It is still the crystal of endurance, capable of improving our physical strength, deepening our energy reserve, and sharpening our focus. The vibration of Red Jasper is steady and constant, which is the reason why it has a powerful stabilizing effect. Over time, Red Jasper can create a lasting, long-term improvement to our physical and mental prowess, happiness, and health. On top of that, Red Jasper is able to awaken and activate the libido and improve a person’s capacity for pleasure, especially when used as a Yoni egg.


Properties of Red Jasper

Red Jasper is traditionally known for a wide variety of properties and uses. The ones we will list here are just the best-known functions of this gemstone.

As a stone of endurance, Red Jasper can help anyone who works a physically demanding job. Therefore, it can be of help to all kinds of professionals who engage in high levels of activity on a daily basis. Construction workers and waitresses alike will appreciate the boost in energy Red Jasper can provide them with.

However, Red Jasper inspires more than physical agility. On a mental level, it can help you grow your creativity and passion, manifesting fresh ideas and new perspectives. Creative people struggling to keep their excitement up while working on large projects can greatly benefit from the vibrations of Red Jasper.

As a stone of passion, Red Jasper is friendly to lovers. It is a powerful amulet which provides you with enough power to become the master of your own urges. Under the effect of Red Jasper, sex becomes more complete, partners become compatible and more open towards energy exchange. Women using Red Jasper Yoni eggs can awaken their own power and assertiveness in bed, regaining the ability to make demands and take charge when they feel like it.

Another benefit of Red Jasper everyone can appreciate is its incredible power as a guardian stone. On the one hand, this crystal can protect you against all kinds of physical harm and dangerous situations. On the other hand, it keeps you safe on a spiritual and mental level. By using a Red Jasper Yoni egg, you gain resistance against other people’s negative affirmations and harmful vibrations. What’s even better, your sex organs can also benefit from this protective effect.


Physical healing

If your metabolism doesn’t seem to be keeping up with your lifestyle, you can count on Red Jasper to assist you. Not only will this crystal regulate your metabolic energy, but it will also provide you with more strength and endurance on a daily basis. All that makes Red Jasper a great stone for helping with recovery after a long illness or an injury. However, you don’t need to be ill to benefit from Red Jasper — it is just as helpful to ordinary sportspeople or just people who use their bodies often.

This stone is believed to boost the health of your heart and your blood vessels. Moreover, it can reduce the level of toxins in your blood, as well as your liver and bile ducts. Anyone suffering from anemia or any other heart or blood-related conditions is also likely to appreciate the benefits of Red Jasper.


Emotional healing

While very helpful as a physical healing aid, Red Jasper is no less effective at treating emotional health. This is an empowering, strengthening stone, making you more stable and grounded. As a result, Red Jasper can protect you from those attempting to control you on an emotional level. Even those who have suffered such experiences in the past can use Red Jasper to achieve perfect recovery. This stone is good at making you confident and resolved.

Whenever you are feeling lethargic, empty or unmotivated, you can rely on Red Jasper to save you from the blues. This wonderful stone can spark a feeling of creativity, sexual desire, or simply a lust for life in almost any person. It can release you from any needless guilt and shame which may be springing from your sexual expression. Finally, what’s most precious about Red Jasper is the fact that it can provide you with stability during emotionally draining periods. In difficult times when the future seems uncertain, Red Jasper can act as an ally and a source of relief.


Spiritual healing

As a crystal linked to the lower three chakras, especially the root chakra, Red Jasper is a stone of awakening. It is capable of waking up the kundalini, the “serpent” resting at the base of our spine. The main idea of tantra is awakening this energy and allowing it to surge upwards through our body so that we could achieve our true potential.

Thanks to its connection with the Great Mother, Red Jasper holds powerful nurturing and nourishing properties. It is capable of providing you with a great and lasting sense of calm. On top of that, it can make you feel safe and at home in nearly any situation. By making you comfortable in your own skin, Red Jasper makes you the master of your own life, wherever it may take you.



Red Jasper is capable of strongly resonating with our lower three chakras: the root, the sacral, and the navel chakra. Since this crystal is linked to the element of earth, it is an excellent tool for spiritual grounding. With the help of Red Jasper, you can gain clear insight into the causes of your difficulties and have less trouble with finding solutions.

Blockages of the lower three chakras tend to cause problems with our feeling of safety, sexuality, continence, digestion, and emotional stability. Luckily, Red Jasper offers you a slow, but a steady and thorough way of clearing up your energetic pathways for good.

On top of that, Red Jasper interacts with the energy we use for movement. Namely, when the source of that energy is disrupted, we end up feeling lethargic and unmotivated. However, by restoring the lost balance to our lower chakras, we rekindle the source of this energy and regain strength, endurance, and overall physical prowess.



Although Red Jasper is not a traditional birthstone, it can perform that function for those born under the sign of Cancer and Capricorn. However, if you are an Aries or a Scorpio, you are also very likely to benefit from a Red Jasper egg. It is believed to be able to soothe anyone’s fiery temper and instill strength and patience.

Despite all that, Red Jasper’s vibrations can affect you beneficially regardless of your star sign. After all, your natal chart contains much more data than just your sign. When choosing the crystal for your Yoni egg, trust your intuition above all else, and you won’t make a mistake.


Benefits of Tiger’s Eye Yoni Eggs

Tiger’s Eye stands out among other crystals and gemstones in terms of beauty and uniqueness. This beautiful gem is another one from the Quartz family. Many women will find themselves instantly attracted to a Yoni egg made of Tiger’s Eye. This stone can act as a powerful guardian, as well as a great source of good fortune. Not only does Tiger’s Eye bring good luck into your life, but it also protects you from potential causes of bad luck.

Tiger’s Eye is the type of stone which will make you grow and mature as a person. This beautiful crystal can help you in the struggle against fear and anxiety because of its dynamic, feisty energy. At the same time, it can enrich your life with balance and harmony by attuning your aura to the focal energy of the Universe. On top of that, Tiger’s Eye is capable of encouraging you to take action in your life. It can help you make difficult decisions, discern between right and wrong, and understand what lies ahead with clear judgment.


Protective properties

People have long been aware of the protective powers of Tiger’s Eye. That is why they carried it around as a charm against the “evil eye”, one of mankind’s oldest known curses. Namely, there is a quantity of psychic energy embedded in each one of the actions we perform. Therefore, our intentions, whether good or bad, can affect others even when we’re not undertaking any actions. That is where the “evil eye” comes from — the idea that someone with an evil intention can strike you with bad luck with nothing more than a glance.

Sadly, we are always vulnerable to such attacks without ever knowing whether they will happen or not. However, certain lucky stones, such as the Tiger’s Eye, can strengthen your personal aura to the point where you become immune to harmful vibrations.

Tiger’s Eye crystal helps you both from the inside and from the outside. Just like it protects you from negative energy externally, so does it nourish you on the inside. In fact, Tiger’s Eye can provide you with immense strength of will, courage, and confidence if you allow it to imprint on you.

Nowadays, many of us suffer from chemical imbalances in the brain which manifest as unstable moods, depression, anxiety, and angst. Luckily, this crystal is also capable of helping out with a number of mental problems. However, it works at a slow but constant pace, so make sure you allow it enough time to see results.

An interesting trait of Tiger’s Eye is its ability to enhance the effect of other gems. If you own Yoni eggs made of different stones, you can combine Tiger’s Eye and another type of Quartz. Tiger’s Eye will boost the other gem’s vibration and intensify its healing properties.


Emotional healing

Not only does Tiger’s Eye amplify the healing properties of other gems but it can also heal you on its own. In fact, the healing power of Tiger’s Eye can manifest on several different levels.

Naturally, the same rule applies here as with all other gems. Crystal healing cannot replace medical treatment due to the fact that crystals act slowly and are still very much a mystery to us. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be pleasantly surprised by the benefits your body can enjoy thanks to a Tiger’s Eye Yoni egg.

On an emotional and mental level, Tiger’s Eye can help out those who are suffering from a variety of mental disorders. In a most general sense, Tiger’s Eye helps you resolve mental conflicts and integrate different parts of your consciousness. As a result, you will end up a more complete and focused person, with more willpower than before.

Anyone feeling down because of lack of confidence and courage can obtain these qualities from this stone. On top of those traits, Tiger’s Eye can help you survive all kinds of downfalls and low points in life. Sometimes, the key to success in life is not how you handle your highest points, but your weakest ones. In that regard, Tiger’s Eye can enrich your life in incredibly meaningful ways. It can boost you when you need it most and protect you from negativity and the “evil eye”.


Physical healing

On a physical level, the dynamic energy of Tiger’s Eye can mainly help you speed up your metabolism. This effect is very healthy for most people since, today, due to our urban lifestyles and a lack of physical activity, most of us suffer from a slow metabolism. However, Tiger’s Eye will both speed up your metabolic energy and make you a more active person with more stamina than before.

On top of that, this potent gem can help you deal with congested sinuses, which can be quite a nuisance. Also, some even state that Tiger’s Eye has helped them with problems related to vision.

Finally, this lovely gem is known to be helpful to people suffering from bone-related problems. Numerous people suffer from such issues, which can occasionally turn out to be very painful. Although your problem won’t go away without medical treatment, the vibration of Tiger’s Eye can help you handle the pain better and speed up your recovery. It may also increase the functionality of any medicine you may be taking.


Spiritual healing

Every natural stone can affect you on a spiritual level and essentially help you attune your vibration to the world around you. If you feel drawn to the Tiger’s Eye, you are likely to appreciate its complex nature. Namely, this gem has some seemingly paradoxical properties. At the same time, it instills energy and courage, and brings peace and calm into your life. While those combined traits may seem odd at first, they make perfect sense once you experience their effects on your own skin.

Furthermore, this stone works on both the higher and the lower planes. While it can help you become financially stable, it is far more giving on the spiritual level, where it can grant you true wealth of peace and wisdom. This crystal attracts harmony into your life and is especially friendly to those who feel like they have lost all pleasure in life. Thanks to Tiger’s Eye, you can regain your ability to feel all kinds of pleasure, to relax, and live life to the fullest.

Another important spiritual quality of the Tiger’s Eye is its ability to protect you against invasive, low vibrations and negative intentions. What’s more, it will both clear up the air around you from negativity and bring new changes into your life.


Wealth and prosperity

What’s interesting about Tiger’s Eye is that it contains what we call a “golden streak”, i.e., a brightly colored layer. Gems with such traits are sometimes called golden stones. People believe that such stones can help you gain wealth and improve your financial status. The ways Tiger’s Eye can help you financially are manifold: it can attract more business opportunities or potential clients, or else, it may simply deliver you a streak of good luck.

Whatever the way it decides to act, Tiger’s Eye can present you with some serious chances of improving your financial state if you are wise enough to act upon its impulses. This stone will make sure your hard work does not go unrewarded. If you are able to clearly visualize your success, Tiger’s Eye is capable of guiding you straight toward the realization of that vision.

On top of that, this gem can help you avoid impulsive financial decisions and become more rational at spending. The good fortune this gem provides you with is priceless to entrepreneurs and risk-takers.


Tiger’s Eye resonates with the solar plexus chakra, also known as the navel chakra. This energy nexus is the core of our entire being. In fact, it supports and stabilizes the flow of energy through our aura in its entirety. That is why the navel chakra is very important and any imbalances and blockages occurring there can greatly impact your life.

Namely, a healthy navel chakra provides you with a feeling of authority and power. If it becomes disrupted in any way, you will become prone to aggression, scathing remarks, desperation, and loneliness. However, with the help of Tiger’s Eye, you’ll regain the ability to be assertive without resorting to anger and aggression. With your energy center restored to health, you will find yourself resolved, confident, focused, and powerful.


Simply holding your Tiger’s Eye Yoni egg in your hand during meditation can help you make great progress. Doing a simple practice where you focus on your breath can feel a lot different if this crystal is involved. Namely, when it comes to its mystical nature, Tiger’s Eye contains an element of solar energy. This symbolic ray of golden light is capable of helping you come in touch with the higher planes.

Some claim to be able to come in touch with the Divine consciousness directly with the help of this extraordinary stone. In their words, such an experience can cleanse you of negative karma. On top of that, you will learn how to make wiser decisions in the future. On a more direct level, meditation with the Tiger’s Eye will keep you energized, focused, and resolved.


Benefits of Bloodstone Yoni Eggs

In the Jasper family, one gemstone stands out among its siblings. The mysterious and alluring Bloodstone, also known as heliotrope, got its sinister name from its appearance. Namely, the dark green color of this stone is cut through with a deep shade of crimson, which creates the optical illusion of blood drops on the surface.

Unlike some stones which can be found all over the world, Bloodstone comes mainly from India. However, certain sources exist in Central Europe, Middle East, Australia, and even Scotland. Bloodstone is treasured for its beautiful and intriguing appearance. The fact that no two pieces of Bloodstone are the same only adds to this stone’s mysterious charm.

The red flecks on Bloodstone’s surface are the result of oxidized iron, which creates a shade similar to rust. Each one of these stones is unique because the pattern is created through the integration of another mineral into the matrix of the stone as a whole. What’s even more curious is that Bloodstone can contain deposits of minerals and metals other than iron. As a result, there are many bright and colorful variations of Bloodstone you can find in nature.

Heliotrope, the other name of Bloodstone, comes from the ancient Greeks, and means “sun stone”. The peculiar looks of the Bloodstone caused it to appear in a great amount of ancient lore. For instance, the Greeks associated it with vitality and all the qualities of life due to its connection with blood. In fact, they regarded Bloodstone as a living thing rather than an inanimate object.


After the advent of Christianity, other legends sprang forth. One of them claimed that the Bloodstone was formed at the site of Christ’s Crucifixion when His blood touched the pebbles on the ground. Hence, to Christians, Bloodstone is a symbol of sacrifice.

Bloodstone properties

A Bloodstone is a bold, but rewarding choice when it comes to choosing a Yoni egg crystal. This amazing crystal is able to bring you back on your feet even after a most nightmarish period. It can restore both your mind and your body and raise you from the ashes in no time. While all stones have healing properties and can help you treat a variety of ailments, few are as intense as Bloodstone. This gem is an important tool for bringing your spirit back to its true state of confidence and peace. Even the legends surrounding this stone confirm its healing powers, especially the Christian myths we mentioned.

If you feel like you lack direction in your life, you can resort to Bloodstone for help. This gem can be used during meditation to provide your root chakra with much-needed stimulation. It can help you regain a feeling of safety and security in your own skin. On top of that, Bloodstone also helps you perceive the upcoming changes to your life and assists you in facing them head-on. As a strong charm of protection, it provides you with the stamina and resolve to face the future.

The energy of the Bloodstone ebbs and flows from the heart of the earth, much like your own blood pumps from your heart. Crystal healing with the help of the Bloodstone can result in improved physical and emotional recovery. Some go so far as to say that Bloodstone should be a part of anyone’s crystal kit because of its benefits. What this gem does is boost the existing healing power of your own being by clearing up your aura and refocusing your energy on recovery.

Physical healing

What makes Bloodstone so good at healing is the fact that it doesn’t only affect your recent injuries. On the contrary, it is capable of impacting the recovery of long-existing wounds on both the physical and the emotional level. By using a Bloodstone Yoni egg, you allow the crystal to redirect the energy inside your body to all the right purposes. Your body may suddenly begin to feel more relaxed and free than it has felt in years. Keeping the crystal around you at all times will make its healing powers even more intense.

Athletes are known to benefit from the effects of the Bloodstone due to experiencing constant physical exertion. The relationship between athletes and Bloodstone has roots in ancient history. In fact, ancient Romans and Greeks used to wear Bloodstone charms on their bodies during challenging athletic competitions. They used this stone to preserve their stamina and endurance and increase physical prowess.

Apart from that, people have also used Bloodstone historically as protection against disease. Ancient healers used to dip the Bloodstone in cold water and then place it on the body to boost the body’s natural healing processes. Today, we can benefit from Bloodstone’s traits even without being ill. Namely, we all feel lethargic, sluggish, and exhausted every now and then. Sometimes, that feeling can show up in the middle of a workday. Luckily, Bloodstone can release us from built-up fatigue and provide us with more energy and motivation.


Among all the gems we use in crystal healing, Bloodstone is one of the best ones to put both your body and spirit into motion. Exposure to this gem can only result in an improved feeling of strength, confidence, stability, and resolve.

Emotional healing


This special stone is no less useful when it comes to healing serious emotional wounds. Mental injuries are as troublesome as the physical ones and can become even worse if untreated for years. In terms of energy, we all tend to build up massive amounts of negative energy without ever noticing it. This residual energy always remains after emotional trauma, toxic relationships, and all things better left behind.

Once we’ve garnered enough of these low vibrations, we begin to feel moody, unstable, sorrowful, and frustrated. Luckily, Bloodstone is capable of making short work of such issues. This crystal has the amazing power to lead you to complete emotional recovery.

Crystal healers and sages link the Bloodstone with the nourishing powers of the earth. If you happen to be in the mindset where you constantly worry about the future without noticing the present, you will appreciate Bloodstone’s grounding effect. This gem can calm down what the Buddhists call the “monkey brain” and release us from our anxieties. Even in moments where everything seems to be going wrong, Bloodstone is capable of turning the tables to your advantage if you use it properly.

Those who have suffered bullying, violence, or abandonment in the past can benefit from Bloodstone. This stone’s grounding effect can provide emotional support to anyone who is experiencing great adversity, whether from the inside or the outside. It is capable of showing you that the loneliness and isolation you feel are mere illusions compared to the Divine present in our reality.

Moreover, Bloodstone can protect you during times of chaos which precede change and real mental growth. It can help you become strong enough to face any kind of life’s adversity without batting an eye.

Spiritual healing

When it comes to the mystical aspect of Bloodstone, it is a gem we associate with wisdom, bravery, Christian sacrifice, and altruism. Bloodstone is potent enough to push you away from ego-driven illusions and toward a more integrated identity. This stone has strong mystical properties which can help you gain insight into truths which surpass the ordinary mind.


What’s even more important is that this stone protects your soul on different planes. Besides, this crystal can teach you to travel between astral realms without the interference of unwanted entities. For ages, shamans have used Bloodstone for their dream journeying, in order to speak to their ancestors. The color of Bloodstone can appear different depending on the light. For that reason, it is thought to be protective of those who are undergoing any kind of spiritual transformation.

Overall, Bloodstone is capable of guiding you towards your inner Divine being. It will help you bypass the pitfalls of the ego and become more giving and open. As you start to dispel your own illusions, the Universe will begin rewarding you with light and positivity. This stone can help you balance out your emotions and become peaceful enough to catch a glimpse of the greater picture.


Bloodstone resonates with the root and the heart chakra.

The root chakra controls our feeling of safety and security, as well as our movement. When out of balance, we suffer the symptoms of lethargy, weakness, anxiety, incontinence, and insecurity. The red crystal energy of the Bloodstone can help us clear any blockages in the root chakra and regain our stability and comfort. The root chakra is what holds us “rooted” in the ground, and Bloodstone’s grounding abilities can strengthen our connection to the element of earth.

As for the heart chakra, this energy nexus regulates the way we interact with the outside worlds. The heart chakra decides what we accept into our lives and what we struggle against. An imbalanced heart chakra affects us in a number of drastic ways. We easily fall prey to manipulative behavior, become overly critical, lose our sense of leadership and trust toward others. Luckily, Bloodstone is capable of helping us regulate this blockage and regain our confidence and authority in emotional matters. As a result, we become more accepting, understanding, and mature.


Bloodstone is immensely helpful for anyone who likes to express themselves through prayer, meditation, and contemplation. The earthbound energy of this stone has a calm, tranquil vibration which creates harmony and peace. It allows you to center yourself with ease. What’s more, Bloodstone helps you create a potent and stable link to the Divine. It makes you more receptive to messages from the beyond and better at understanding and accepting life’s hard facts. The secret message of the Bloodstone is the process of resurrection, healing, and rising from the ashes.


Benefits of Carnelian Yoni Eggs

Looking at a Carnelian Yoni egg is likely to remind you of a dancing flame or a captivating sunset. This stone is warm, fiery, vivid, and capable of boosting confidence, independence, and creativity. The intense and radiant colors of this crystal make it a great material for jewelry.

However, Carnelian holds much more secrets than an ordinary decorative piece. As a matter of fact, eons ago, battle-worn warriors carried these gems as protective charms, and ancient nobles demanded to be buried with their crystal collections. The rich history of Carnelian is four thousand years long, reaching back to ancient Babylon. Men and women alike revered this orange crystal for its gentle vibration and stunning looks. They wore it on their rings and made seals out of it.

In the ancient history, Carnelian always held a meaning of power and prestige. For instance, architects and master masons in ancient Egypt wore Carnelian jewelry as a symbol of their position. Egyptians even buried their dead with Carnelian amulets to grant them safe passage to the afterlife.

Carnelian is listed in the Bible, as well, as one of the gems which adorned Aaron’s armor. Here, Carnelian symbolized the blood of the fallen Hebrew martyrs. Due to that association, people believed that Carnelian could protect them from the plague.

Later, during the Middle Ages, alchemists used to boil Carnelian crystals. According to them, this remarkable crystal was capable of activating the dormant energies of other types of Quartz. Transforming the energies this way made the crystals more suitable for alchemical experiments. At an even later date, the emperor Napoleon wore a lucky charm which contained Carnelian crystals.

It is clear that, over the course of human history, different cultures in different eras have all equally cherished and revered the Carnelian gemstone.

The meaning of Carnelian

Carnelian is glassy and translucent in appearance. It is orange in color and belongs to the Quartz family. In fact, Carnelian is the orange-colored variety of the mineral we call Chalcedony. The color of Carnelian can vary from a pale orange to a deep reddish brown. However, this crystal is definitely most famous for its radiant red and orange specimens. The name of this gem comes from the Latin word for “flesh”.

Carnelian has long been considered a bringer of good luck. However, this stone can also protect you from the danger of poverty, as well as negative energy. To this day, crystal healers still attribute these traits to Carnelian. Other properties we tend to link with this jewel are stamina, bravery, independence, and motivation.

This stone is believed to be friendly to all kinds of professionals. It is particularly famous for being the lucky charm of construction workers, masons, and architects. People believe this crystal can bolster their creativity, as well as protect them from workplace accidents. Today, people like to keep this gem in their house as a sort of protection against fire, storms, burglary, and all kinds of accidents.

On top of that, this gem can provide athletes and soldiers with strength, stamina, power, and a strong mind. Thanks to its amazing healing properties, it can help them recover faster from physical exertion and achieve better results in their professions. While athletes gain strength, journalists become better organized and more attentive, and salespeople get that much-needed lucky streak thanks to this stone.

Carnelian is a generous stone which can provide you with prosperity and a wealth of resources for whichever task you are set on completing. At the workplace, this crystal can awaken your dormant ambitions and determination.

Physical healing

When it comes to physical healing, Carnelian is most famous for being able to help with your circulation. This crystal can improve the health of your heart and your blood vessels. As a result, your blood pressure will become more stable, and you will no longer suffer from cold feet.

On top of that, this gem can stimulate your metabolism and improve your digestion. If you are suffering from difficulties in your love life, Carnelian can awaken your libido and help with impotence. Using a Carnelian Yoni egg may help with fertility problems. Other than that, it can help with any symptoms which result from menopause and menstruation.

This stone is traditionally known to help with a large number of specific health issues: it is believed to help with skin problems, boils, congestion, and even nosebleeds. However, some of its most notable properties have to do with muscle and bone tissue. Namely, this orange crystal can help with arthritis, back pain, rheumatism, and neuralgia. If you are suffering from an illness and you need to build up strength in order to fight it, Carnelian can help you out.

Although this stone can help people of all ages, it is especially good for safeguarding and aiding the elderly. The warm, dynamic energy of the orange crystal can help an elderly person regain an air of youthful vitality. On top of that, it can speed up their recovery from a lasting illness and help them get back on their feet.

Today, many people use this gem to help their body get rid of toxins. People who are quitting smoking, drinking or drugs may use Carnelian to break their addictive habits and cleanse their bodies from these substances.

Emotional healing

Carnelian is very likely to attract intelligent, complex, and ardent people. Such people can appreciate this stone’s ability to calm down their passions and stabilize their mood. On top of that, it is also great for building motivation for achieving your goals. If you’re used to letting your mind wander off, this orange gem can help you improve your focus, which is useful to a number of professions.

If you find yourself troubled by negative emotions, such as fear, hatred, or envy, this gemstone can help you cleanse your mind. Besides that, it can also protect you from all kinds of negative interferences which originate from the minds of other people. When you enjoy this kind of protection, there is enough safe room in your mind for all kinds of enjoyable emotions. You will experience a love of life, curiosity, a yearning for adventure, as well as feeling more clever, quicker, and more ready to face challenges.

When it comes to relationships, if either you or your partner are jealous or possessive, this stone can help you deal with these toxic emotions. Such low vibrations are always the result of fear and insecurity on a personal level. By helping you develop your own confidence, it will help you overcome these obstacles.

Other than that, it can help you with the anxieties related to your sexuality. After all, this is the stone of self-expression, which encourages you to be who you are without giving it a second thought. Furthermore, it can help you fight depression and regain your motivation. After all, this stone has a very high vibration and a potent energy charge. By keeping it by your side, you will feel a surge of inspiration and a desire to break free of old habits.

Spiritual healing

Carnelian clears your spiritual pathways in order to allow your natural energy to flow. Just like all brightly colored crystals, this orange gem provides you with an abundance of energy and passion. If you are indecisive or suffering from procrastination, this stone can change your life for the better. Suddenly, you will find yourself full of courage, initiative, resolve, and bravado. This stone will encourage you to take big and meaningful steps towards spiritual healing and recovery.

WIth this stone, you can work on improving your family and romantic relationships. It promotes all kinds of love, including the love between parent and child, as well as romantic partnership. While this crystal makes you more receptive towards love, kindness and giving, it also makes you more resistant against fear. In fact, on a spiritual level, this stone can free you from the fear of mortality by helping you accept the inevitable facts of life. After all, Egyptians used to bury their dead with this stone as a protective amulet for the afterlife.

This crystal will encourage you to become aware of your inner spiritual condition. You will feel an urge to focus on your talents and work on your weaknesses as well. Most importantly, it will open you up for new experiences which will spark fresh creative tendencies in your soul.

With this stone by your side, you will stop waiting for your dreams to come true. Instead, you will feel charged with the energy and willpower necessary to make real changes in your life. It will encourage you to make positive and life-affirming choices and wise decisions while giving you the courage to get rid of all the toxins in your spiritual sphere.


Crystal healers believe that Carnelian resonates with the sacral chakra, which is the second chakra from the ground up. You can find it at the root of your sexual organs. The sacral chakra is the center of gravity of your aura. We associate it with fertility, sexuality, pleasure, confidence, nourishment, and the element of water. When the sacral chakra becomes blocked, you may suffer symptoms such as confusion, frustration, fear of your own sexuality, and repression of your feelings.

However, with the help of this stone, you can restore the natural flow of energy in this nexus. As a result, you will feel an abundance of pleasure in your life. You will find yourself more flexible and adaptable. Therefore, you will feel ready to swim in the river of life without fear of repercussions.


Benefits of Labradorite Yoni Eggs

A Yoni egg made of Labradorite can serve you unlike any other. Namely, while all crystals have healing and attuning properties and benefit you in their own unique ways, none of them are so well-suited for magic as this one. Ever since humanity has known about this stone, it belonged to healers, shamans, seers, and prophets. Labradorite is the stone of those who are ready to travel across the realms in pursuit of knowledge, wisdom, and truth. It is capable of leading you to self-discovery, enhancing your psychic abilities and your awareness of your inner being.

Out of all the minerals with protective traits, Labradorite is the most intense and powerful one. This stone can fortify your aura with a potent energy shield. As a result, you will suffer a smaller risk of falling prey to negative influences. This stone can protect you against all kinds of misfortune. Furthermore, it keeps you safe while you’re exploring alternate states of mind. You can easily recognize this stone due to its beautiful and unique shimmer.

If you have any inclinations towards the mystical, this stone can assist you in your growth. It will noticeably improve your intuitive and empathic powers and allow you to easily come in touch with entities from the higher planes. Not only will it allow you to reach your destination on every spiritual journey, but it will also keep you safe and grounded for a safe trip back home. This unique stone will allow you to expand your perspective. It will help you gain the ability to perceive choices and possibilities that used to be beyond your reach. It will reward you with wisdom, patience, willpower, and an open mind.

There are even more benefits provided by Labradorite, which is why we’ll examine it in more detail.

What is Labradorite?

Labradorite is a crystal which got its name from the place where it was first found — Labrador, Canada. Due to that fact, most of the lore surrounding this stone comes from the Inuit culture. Other names of this stone include spectrolite and the rainbow moonstone. It belongs to the group of feldspar minerals, which is the most common type of minerals found on Earth.

You may encounter this crystal in grayish white, pale green, and various shades of blue, usually containing flecks of gold and bright blue. It can also occur in blue, turquoise, lavender, or gold. Keep in mind that most Labradorites actually contain a mix of all these colors, which makes them truly unique and unforgettable.

Other places where people have found deposits of this gem include Mexico, Finland, Greenland, Italy, Russia, Scandinavia, and Madagascar.

If you keep this stone close to you at your workplace, it can have a profound impact on the atmosphere. Namely, this crystal tends to draw out the best side of any person, which can free you from some of the pressure of work. It encourages good manners, patience, congeniality, and politeness. If you are a part-time worker wishing to advance in the company, this stone can be a powerful ally that could turn the tables in your favor.

As a stone with a gentle, soothing vibration, Labradorite can help you balance out the negative side of your personality. This stone is not compatible with anger and unfriendly or reckless behavior. Therefore, it can be used to reduce unwanted behavior in children. What’s more, it can also help you deal with teenagers by protecting them from their own impulsive and rash decisions. It also has a powerful cleansing effect which can assist your body in detoxification.

Emotional healing

If you are having trouble with constant mind chatter, labradorite can help you calm down an over-excited mind. This stone grows and nourishes your imagination, allowing you to conceive hosts of new ideas.

If you feel like your life is stuck in a rut and you’d like to regain your spontaneity, this crystal will light your way. An exhausting and routine-bound life is more dangerous than most people assume at first glance. However, with the help of this crystal, you will be able to protect yourself from the pressure of daily tasks and the risk of a dull existence. What’s more, it will awaken a yearning for adventure and change inside of you.

A great part of mental growth and development boils down to facing your fears and processing past trauma. In order to learn from these events, you need to confront them directly. However, we have a tendency to repress such unpleasant memories, which keeps us safe for a short while, but ultimately leaves us unable to deal with these memories once and for all.

Luckily, with the aid of this stone, you will be able to bring those lost memories to light and understand them better. This crystal can make you bright and intuitive enough to perceive the root causes of your problems. If you borrow its wisdom, expect to feel better attuned to the Universe.

Physical healing

If you want to rely on the power of crystals to heal your body, Labradorite can help you with some issues. Crystal healers use this stone to treat problems associated with the lungs. It is capable of speeding up the recovery of your lungs after a bout of bronchitis or a bad cold. Moreover, it helps you improve and deepen your breathing.

Other than respiratory issues, this stone can also help you with digestion and can even speed up your metabolism. Over time, people have used it to treat anxiety and stress, mental disorders and weak focus. This gem affects all the chakras simultaneously to some degree. Thanks to this gentle balancing effect, it can help you calm a restless mind and recover from a state of panic. On the physical level, it helps you remain calm, keep a steady heart rate, a clear head, and good vision.

Some women find Labradorite useful as pain relief and a mood stabilizer during menstruation and PMS. On top of that, this crystal is believed to help with high blood pressure, cold sensitivity, rheumatism, and gout. Sufferers of arthritis have also praised this stone for its ability to act as gentle pain relief for their condition.

Spiritual healing

As mentioned before, Labradorite is a stone which tends to attract spiritual people. Mystics, mediums, priests, healers, shamans, as well as all kinds of artists can benefit from this crystal. It holds the potential to reveal hidden truths and set you on the path to discovery and growth.

On top of that, this stone can help you in your journeys across worlds and protect you during those experiences. The grounding power of this crystal can grant you safe return from any kind of spiritual trip you might undertake. Thanks to this stone, you will bring back positive impressions and helpful knowledge from such trips.

This crystal is capable of protecting your aura from attacks and evil intentions. It can prevent your energy reserve from leaking away. Furthermore, it keeps all the elemental forces within your aura in balance. The wisdom-inspiring powers of this stone can assist you in discovering the causes behind your problems.

Some crystal healers believe that this gem can bring the light of other entities across the Universe to you. The unique shimmer of this gem is believed to have origins from beyond this planet. Thus, the mineral itself contains ascended energies native to distant galaxies.

Due to its varied nature, this crystal can help you create a connection with both the Sun and the Moon. You can use solar and lunar energy during all kinds of ritual work, and different people normally find themselves attracted to one or the other.


Labradorite emits mostly blue crystal energy, which is why it resonates best with the throat chakra. The throat chakra represents the voice of your subtle body. Through the throat chakra, the energy from all the other chakras can become expressed. While it is balanced and open, it allows us to freely communicate our emotions, passions, desires, and gratefulness. In other words, a healthy throat chakra allows us to deliver our personal truth to the world.

However, a blockage in the throat chakra can result in several symptoms. First, it can affect the health and flow of other chakras. Secondly, it can hinder our power of self-expression. We might find ourselves unable to express ourselves verbally, creatively, physically, or in any other way. As a result, we can suffer growing levels of frustration, depression, isolation, and hopelessness. Thankfully, Labradorite can both clear up the throat chakra and unite all the chakras into a single flow.

The darker shades of blue in this stone encourage you to be truthful, while the lighter shades allow you to be relaxed and balanced. If you are curious about opening up your lower chakras during various ritual practices, you can rely on Gold Labradorite for help. On the other hand, Spectrolite can boost your awareness of other planes of reality.

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