You might have already heard of some of the mystical properties found in various “healing crystals”, particularly those used in the creation of Yoni Eggs and Ben Wa Balls. As the coronavirus pandemic reaches the far-flung corners of the world, many people are starting to wonder: “Can crystals help beat the virus?”

Focusing on the meaning behind each crystal can help you focus your mind and body on what’s important in this difficult time, rather than wasting away your days waiting for the latest news update!

Jade Crystals - One Stone to Rule Them All

As the ultimate stone of balance, Jade may be the first crystal many believers turn to. It’s the most popular for a reason, and can help with healing any area of your body or purge any toxins you pick up as you go about your lives. However the most pressing use of Jade in the current circumstances may simply be as a reflective tool.

Jade is thought to purge negative thoughts and emotions from the body, something which many of use will be struggling with during our time in isolation. Simply hold it close to your body, and focus your energy on the stone. Let your thoughts wander and roam while you focus on your breathing, and feel it wash away any thoughts of being distracted, cramped or frustrated!

Rose Quartz Crystals - For the Separated Lovers

One of the hardest parts of isolation is missing those most dear to you. As the stone for all matters of the heart, a rose quartz crystal can be the perfect one for you!

Instead of a single crystal to mend your own broken heart, grab a set and send one to each of your loved ones. Instead of focusing on being apart, you can remain connected through this spiritual crystal. Whenever you feel alone, simply gaze into it to be reminded of those you’ll see when this is all over.

Obsidian Crystals - For the Self-Improvers

The darkest crystal of them all, obsidian can act as a mirror into your deepest self. Fine tune your aura, by removing the negative parts you aren’t as proud of, and replace them with a better, more efficient you.

Take advantage of the time at home, and use your obsidian crystal to focus your mind and body. Get fit, learn new skills, meditate, improve your mental health, do whatever makes you happy!

Jasper, Tiger’s Eye, Bloodstone and More! - For the Wandering Mind

If you just can’t clear your mind of what’s going on outside, then one of these deep and colorful stones is perfect for you. Lose yourself following intricate swirls and patterns, and let your mind wander to a happier place!

Before you know it, you’ll have forgotten all about the things outside your door, and be free to focus on what’s important to you.

Practical Uses for Your Crystals

Smooth stones are perfect at helping you remember one of the most important pieces of coronavirus advice: don’t touch your face!

Simply choose two smaller stones (preferably made of a crystal which will be beneficial to you), and place one in each pocket. When you need to head out to work, school, or even to do the dreaded food shop, keep your hands in your pockets with one crystal in each. Focus on rubbing them to release the energy within, and your hands will be so busy that you forget all about touching and itching your face!

Sharp stones can be great to remember the golden rule: keep six feet away from other people!

Quartz, flint, or other similar crystals can remind others that your space is not their space. Simply use their sharp edges to “ward off” intruders, or take a page from our ancestors book and fashion a six foot spear tipped with your favourite stone to remind them that you don’t want them near you!

Colorful stones are fantastic at reminding you: only go outside if absolutely essential!

Opals, emeralds, quartzes, peacock ore, or even diamonds (if you’re feeling particularly flamboyant), are the perfect reminders that home is where the heart is. If you ever find yourself faltering, simply stare into your stone and watch the colors swirl and mix. Before you know it, you’ll have forgotten why you wanted to go out in the first place!

Cubed Stones can help you enjoy some of the finer things you miss about your old life, particularly everyone’s favourite: the bar!

Cubed stones can be cooled to act as icecubes by simply placing them in the freezer. Soapstone in particular is commonly used in glasses of whisky, to give your favourite drink an extra level of pizzazz. Once you’ve tried a luxurious drink from the comfort of your own home, you’ll wonder why you were ever paying marked up bar prices in the first place! Just make sure to use a non-porous stone to avoid bacteria!

Pumice Stones can help you keep your skin in tip top shape as you remember the most important piece of advice: wash your hands!

These volcanic stones not only look fantastic, but they’re great at exfoliating and removing all the dead flakes of dry skin that antibacterial soap will produce. Finish things off with a nice moisturizer, and your hands will feel better than they ever did!

Even for the “non-believers”, many of these stones can be useful as we adjust to life in a global pandemic. We hope you’ve found a few new and interesting ways to make use of these fantastic looking crystals, and most of all, remember to stay safe!

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