Small Labradorite Yoni Egg

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Have you always wanted to increase the awareness of your inner being? Well, now you can with the use of this Small Labradorite Yoni Egg.Labradorite, also known as spectrolite or...

Have you always wanted to increase the awareness of your inner being? Well, now you can with the use of this Small Labradorite Yoni Egg.

Labradorite, also known as spectrolite or rainbow moonstone, belongs to the group of feldspar minerals, a group of common minerals found on Earth. It is considered the most intense and powerful stone and can fortify your aura with a potent energy shield. This smooth and polished stone can protect you from misfortune and lessen the risk of you falling prey into negative influences. It is also believed that labradorite can enhance your lungs and heal any respiratory problems such as bronchitis and common colds. This mineral was also considered as a crystal for spiritual healers such as shamans, dubbing this mineral as the Stone of Magic. With its beautiful gray marble color and healing effects, it is indeed a magical stone.

Measuring 1.8" by 1.4", these Yoni eggs are smoothly polished and crafted so that you can slide them inside your sacred space with ease. With proper exercise routines and practice, this can significantly improve your pelvic floor and strengthen your love muscles.

After washing it for the first time with soap and water, boil it for 10 minutes. Conduct your yoni session in a comfortable and private place. Begin with arousing your senses to let your yoni expand and lubricate. Push the wider side of the egg first in between your inner labia and slowly slide it in. Contract and squeeze the egg, then release it. Do this repeatedly for stronger love muscles and to achieve greater awareness and sensitivity.

Sanitize the egg with soap and warm water after use. Let it dry and make sure to wrap it in a soft cloth first before storing it so that it stays just as good as new the next time you use it.

Take your sensitivity and awareness into a whole new level and add this Labradorite Yoni egg to your cart now.


Color Gray
Stone/Crystals Labradorite
Size (inches) (Height) 1.8” (Width) 1.4”
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Aids in decreasing detoxifying effects of alcohol, tobacco, or even hard drugs in the body -  Enhances the lungs - Heals any respiratory problems, bronchitis, and colds - Helps out with digestion, regulation, and metabolism


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