Drilled Jade Yoni Egg

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If you appreciate beauty in its purest form, then you should add this Drilled Jade Yoni Egg to your collection of crystals.Having the brilliance that captivates, the pale apple green...
If you appreciate beauty in its purest form, then you should add this Drilled Jade Yoni Egg to your collection of crystals.

Having the brilliance that captivates, the pale apple green jadeite is rare, hence one of the most sought-after gemstones. Its incredible toughness makes it a favorite stone among jewelers and carvers. Own a piece of it and it will last for generations to come.

Our yoni egg is carved carefully from jadeite and tumbled to make it smooth and even more lustrous. It’s also drilled to allow you to tie a string for easy retrieval. Keep it close to your heart by using it as a pendant or put it in a purse to dispel negative energies and protect you from stress and fatigue. Available in small, medium, and large, you can easily pick the one that suits your needs. Large is for beginners, medium for intermediate practitioners, and small for advanced users. A small yoni egg requires stronger and more toned muscles; hence, starters should not be in a hurry because it will only cause too much strain on the inner muscles.

To fully benefit from your jadeite yoni egg, meditate with it to experience calm and clear your mind from anxieties. Surrender yourself to total relaxation to enjoy your yoni practice. It’s the best time to get intimate with yourself, so let those hands freely roam, caressing the points where titillation is most intense. Use your yoni egg to massage your breasts and nipples to unlock the trapped energies there. Stimulate your v-hole to make it moist because this will make insertion of the egg much easier. Once it’s inside, squeeze your PC muscles for a count of ten, then release. Repeat this process and you’re already doing your Kegel exercise. Dedicate yourself to empowering your yoni and your husband will worship you like a sex goddess.

Buy the Drilled Jade Yoni Egg for a more alluring, healthier, and stronger YOU!
Color Pale apple green
Stone/Crystals Jade
Size (inches) Large: 1.97in x 1.2in, Medium: 1.55in x 1.10in, Small: 1.18in x 0.97in
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Increases libido & reawakens sensuality, strengthens pelvic floor muscles, resolves uterine prolapse & incontinence, relieves menstrual cramps, increases sensitivity, boosts fertility, increases natural lubrication pre/post menopause, tightens vaginal walls, eases childbirth (less tissue damage) enhances intimacy, boosts vaginal orgasms, stimulates and enhances the body’s filtration and elimination organs, removes toxins, treats disorders in the kidneys, spleen, and supra-adrenal glands, regulates fluids in the body, relieves joint ailments and bacterial and viral infections


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