Crystal Clear Quartz Yoni Egg Set with wand, 3 pieces

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Make it tight and be wanted again in bed. Introducing the Crystal Clear Quartz Yoni Egg with wand, a set made to restore the glory of your lady bits.  Childbirth,...
Make it tight and be wanted again in bed. Introducing the Crystal Clear Quartz Yoni Egg with wand, a set made to restore the glory of your lady bits.

 Childbirth, aging, and menopause do not only cause the vagina to become loose and dry, but also reduce your libido. While the lack of elasticity and sexual desire make sexual intercourse less exciting, dryness makes it uncomfortable and painful on your part. Restore the tightness, heighten your libido, and make your pussy naturally juicy again by doing Kegel exercises regularly with the Crystal Clear Quartz Yoni Egg with Wand. The set comprises 3 yoni eggs in small, medium, and large sizes, plus a wand to indulge yourself in carnal pleasure when your man is not around and you’re in the mood.

Although vaginoplasty and labiaplasty are available for instant vaginal tightness, these two are rather expensive, risky, and futile. These procedures could cause permanent nerve damage leading to a loss of sensation, that is why experts still encourage women to do Kegel workouts, which naturally make vaginal muscles denser. With a yoni egg carved from clear quartz, not only will you tighten your vagina and strengthen your pelvic floor, but you’ll also reap physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits.

Each yoni egg in the set is drilled, allowing a string to be tied on it for ease of retrieval after each session. Tumbled to make the surface smooth, it will easily slide given there’s a right amount of natural lubrication. If you’ve just decided to start your Kegel exercise, take the large egg to work with first. When the time comes that it feels so easy to hold it in, it’s time to level up to the medium egg. The small one requires muscle dexterity, so you need to take your time to practice with the large and the medium eggs.  

After a few months of regular workout with your yoni egg, you’ll see great results. With greater control over your vaginal muscles, you can rock your man’s world! Surprise him with tightness and he’ll get addicted to it. Besides making your man happy, you’ll be giving yourself the best rewards: slippery wetness that makes every in and out motion titillating, enhanced sensitivity to all the stimulations happening down there, and sure achievement of powerful, deep orgasm.

Treat yourself with love and gain more sexual confidence with our Crystal Clear Quartz Yoni Egg with Wand! Add to your cart now!
Color Clear
Stone/Crystals Clear Quartz
Size (inches) Small: 1.18in * 0.78in, Medium: 1.57in * 0.98in, Large: 1.77in * 1.18in
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Enhances Libido & Reawakens Sensuality – Relieves Menstrual Pain & PMS - Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles – Prevents or Treats Uterine Prolapse & Incontinence - Balances Estrogen Levels - Increases Sensitivity. Overcome Infertility Issues - Increases Natural Lubrication pre/post Menopause - Tightens Vaginal Walls, Eases Childbirth (less tissue damage) Enhances Intimacy – Serves as Natural Tool for Kegel Exercises, Increases Circulation & Blood Flow to organs & muscles, Heightens Vaginal Orgasms – Heals Headaches, Migraine, and Vertigo – Stimulates the Immune System and Circulatory System


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