Rose Quartz Gemstone Yoni Egg, 3 Pieces

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Longing for the spark of love to fire up passion in the bedroom? Or has orgasm become elusive and sex has just become a chore? If you say yes to...
Longing for the spark of love to fire up passion in the bedroom? Or has orgasm become elusive and sex has just become a chore? If you say yes to either or both of these, know that you’re not alone because it happens normally to most women. But just because it’s normal does not mean you’ll have to put up with it and accept it. You shouldn’t as there’s a guaranteed way to bring back the flames of passion and restore both your sexual desire and desirability.

The Rose Quartz Gemstone Yoni Egg is here to help you regain that luster of love and intimacy. Sold as a set, you’ll get the benefits of effectively guided Kegel workouts from 3 yoni eggs in different sizes. A great addition to the set is a wand that you can use for a relaxing massage.

All three yoni eggs in the kit are drilled to accommodate a string for ease of retrieval. Carved from rose quartz, these eggs possess the radiant glow of pink hue. Polished to perfection, it’s as smooth as satin, glistening when struck with light. Rose quartz is the stone of love known to nourish and nurture a healthy relationship.  Use it then as a pendant or display it in your bedroom to allow love between you and your man to flourish.

Let each moment with your rose quartz egg be a very special personal time. But your man is most welcome to get involved in this special endeavor. Ask him to give you a sensual massage with the use of the wand. When your flower has become moist, it’s the perfect time to insert the yoni egg. Lock in the love stone momentarily with a loving, tender union of souls. For sure, you’ll feel rich sensations that you’ll always long to have.

With a regular Kegel exercise with the Rose Quartz Gemstone Yoni Egg, you’ll achieve surprising results. Never will you have to endure boring, mechanical sex again. Buy your own set now to begin your journey towards sweeter and passionate intertwining with your lover.
Color Pink (yoni egg), Clear (wand)
Stone/Crystals Rose quartz (yoni egg), synthetic clear crystal (wand)
Size (inches) Large: 1.77in * 1.18in, Medium: 1.57in * 0.98in, Small: 1.18in * 0.79in
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Reawakens sensuality, resolves uterine prolapse & incontinence, increases sensitivity. resolves fertility issues, tightens vaginal walls, eases Childbirth, enhances intimacy, boosts vaginal orgasms, promotes natural lubrication, strengthens pelvic floor muscles, improves circulation & blood flow to organs & muscles, promotes intimacy, increases libido, enhances vaginal orgasms, dissolves painful memories related to love, fosters understanding, forgiveness, and compassion


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