Shiny Gray Agate Yoni Egg, 1 pc

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Does it seem so hard to calm the mind with all the noise and confusion that you see and hear? Hold a piece of blue lace agate to still your...
Does it seem so hard to calm the mind with all the noise and confusion that you see and hear? Hold a piece of blue lace agate to still your thoughts.

Our Shiny Gray Agate Yoni Egg is a wonderful natural aid for your Kegel exercises. Beautifully carved from blue lace agate, the egg features circular bands believed to stimulate positive emotions and attitude. When held in hands, one can’t help but notice the satiny smoothness of the egg. That’s because it’s polished to perfection to create a piece of art sure enough to motivate you to do your yoni practice regularly. With a size of 1.77in * 1.38in, it’s great for beginners and intermediate users alike.

While vaginoplasty and labiaplasty offer to tighten the vagina and even claimed to improve sensitivity, nothing really beats the natural, non-invasive PC workout. The Shiny Gray Agate Yoni Egg is a great companion for a Kegel exercise as it targets and stimulates the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles to contract and relax. The session would normally last for two hours and done at least 3 times a week. Beginners may find it hard to do it continuously for 2 hours, but that is totally fine; they could gradually prolong their sessions as their muscles gain more dexterity.

Unlike artificial tightening method offered by surgeons, a Kegel exercise with our crystal yoni egg provides more health benefits without any risks. With a few weeks of regular PC exercise, you’ll feel dramatic changes in your sexuality. Your libido will be enhanced and you’ll find yourself enjoying mating with our partner again. If dryness made every thrust excruciatingly painful before, the natural moist will make it pleasurable and will make you want for more. With denser, stronger vaginal muscles, you will rock your man’s world!

Restore the tightness while allowing yourself to be healed emotionally, physically, and spiritually with this Shiny Gray Agate Yoni Egg. Buy now to let a beautiful you shine with courage!
Color Pale blue, gray
Stone/Crystals Blue Lace Agate
Size (inches) 1.77in * 1.38in
Healing Properties/ Health Benefits Increases libido & reawakens sensuality, strengthens pelvic floor muscles, resolves uterine prolapse & incontinence, increases sensitivity, promotes natural lubrication pre/post Menopause, tightens vaginal walls, eases childbirth(less tissue damage), serves as a natural tool for Kegel exercises, boosts vaginal orgasms, calms the troubled mind, opens up energy channels to unconditional love, promotes postpartum healing, mends fractures,


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