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Agate yoni eggs

The gemstone Agate was discovered in a time between the 4th and 3rd century BC by Theophrastus, who was a Greek philosopher and a naturalist at that time. He found it by the shoreline of the river Achates (now Dirillo) in Sicily, Italy. It was widely used as historical artifacts made from the gemstone have been discovered all over the world. It's one of the most colorful stones created by nature, with different varieties each holding a unique healing property. Here are a few of them.

Orange Agate yoni eggs encourage the mind for emotional balance. Confusions and inner conflicts can be quickly resolved. Don't give in to the battles in your mind and let the Orange Agate take over. And if you lack motivation and inspiration to get things done. The gemstone encourages self-confidence and stimulates self-acceptance. You are unique and worthy in your own ways, and these yoni eggs will help you realize that.

Moss Agate--although its appearance does not show banded colors--is still included in the Agate family. This stone is beneficial for those who are always in times of stress and may be beginning to feel discouraged and unmotivated. It can boost and stimulate your concentration, persistence, and endurance. Moss Agate yoni eggs can even help with depression by targeting the hormonal imbalance in the body.

Grey Agate yoni eggs act as grounding stones. They stabilize and balance your physical, emotional, and intellectual stability. Attain abundance in all forms, relieve stress, and have peace of mind. Any bitterness in your heart or pent-up anger will be released by the Grey Agate, ultimately resolving any internal conflict and helping you to get back on your feet and continue your journey.

There are still a few more variations of Agate besides the ones mentioned above. What attracts you and what you ultimately decide to use all depends on you. Each color has its own unique healing properties and characteristics. You can start with one or if you feel that two or more stones seem to intrigue you then you are free to explore more about them.

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