Crystal yoni eggs

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Crystal yoni eggs

Crystals ultimately refer to as the gemstones and semi-precious stones that are used to carve and shape into yoni eggs. They vary in density, clarity, hardness, color, and origin. Almost all of them came from nature itself, while only the Opalite is made by man using the combination of the earth's minerals.

The main purpose of using crystals in the body--whether externally or internally--is for alternative medicine and meditation. Many individuals have already claimed that using crystals once or on a regular basis helped them instill and revive their peace of minds. Age-old sources have believed that they have aided or solely treated a simple ailment, disorder, even a terminal disease; like the ancient popularity of the Jade as it predominantly healed conditions in the loins and kidneys.

Furthermore, crystal yoni eggs are no different. They are created and formed using the same minerals which came from mother earth. Although modern medical science claims that there is no concrete evidence to spiritual connections, realms, and spirit worlds...the belief is still as strong as ever. Many have claimed that there are indeed physical, mental, and spiritual healing properties in the gemstones as they were birthed by nature itself. Since the natural phenomena of the world consist of the trees, mountains, blue skies, and fresh air, the world has been considered as the safest, most therapeutical form of healing. And that the minerals unearthed hold a part of that power.

Crystal yoni eggs can be acquired through sellers like us who import them from their place of production. We've included a multitude of variations of the gemstones so you can choose the ones that you feel will aid you in holistic healing. With spiritual healing methods like crystal yoni eggs, you don't have to choose just one, you can experiment and try with the ones you feel that will benefit you in any way. Unlike modern medicine, none of these yoni eggs hold any negative side effects, as they have all been crafted by the earth itself. It's just the matter of deciding which ones to delegate into a certain aspect in your life.

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