Carnelian yoni eggs

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Carnelian yoni eggs

Carnelian is a brownish-red mineral that is classified as a semi-precious gemstone. It can be usually found in Brazil, Siberia, India, and Germany. Back in the times of the Ancient Egyptians, Carnelian was used alongside Onyx and Lapiz Lazuli (we have both gemstones carved into yoni eggs in our store, too!) to adorn the necklaces that were specially made for the members of the royal family.

Also known as the Singer's Stone, Carnelian boosts the inner confidence within you and the power of expressing yourself freely and truthfully. If you're familiar with the Grammy-award singer Adele (a famous song of hers is "Rolling in the Deep"), she revealed that she can't perform without the power of her personal collection of gemstones, Carnelian being one of them. As seen with its striking color and fiery appearance, it is commonly associated with taking bold actions, whether they be within your creative mind or on the bed with your partner. Fear will disperse from you as you advance your plans with confidence.

Carnelian also served its purpose in the middle ages, where it was used to relieve off stress, worry, and anxiety as the Vikings torn down villages and other possible damages. Because of this custom, Carnelian yoni eggs can calm you of your troubles and stimulate the youngin'-at-heart with its contagious warm and bright sunny vibes.

Creative professionals such as writers, actors, painters, and others can also benefit from the Carnelian yoni eggs as they delve deeper into your mental focus and creativity by bringing together the right and left hemispheres of the brain, unleashing your hidden talents.

Carnelian yoni eggs have the ability to enhance the reproductive organs of both genders, increasing fertility, and reducing impotence. They are also beneficial for those who are going through menstrual or menopausal symptoms, and for individuals or partners who are planning in vitro fertilization and artificial insemination.

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