Lapis lazuli yoni eggs

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Lapis lazuli yoni eggs

Lapis Lazuli is a semi-precious stone of a metamorphic rock that has been considered valuable as early as 7000 BC for its bold and intense color.

The stone has been in use by many civilizations since the history of man. It's been crafted into bowls, pottery, decorations, even ground into powder as the finest and most expensive of all blue color pigments, that is then used for religious paintings like the robes of the Virgin Mary. King Tut's funeral mask has details crafted from the lapis lazuli. It was also believed that Cleopatra had the stone crushed into fine powder for her iconic eye makeup.

Afghanistan was the only exporter of the rock in the ancient times due to its abundance, and it still remains as the world's largest source. However, it was also then discovered in Russia and Chile. Smaller quantities can be found in Italy, Mongolia, Canada, and the United States.

Lapis Lazuli yoni eggs hold a vital role in its owner's spiritual growth. They open the mind and penetrate deep into the soul, harnessing and awakening your true destiny and divine purpose. Its color itself represents peace, serenity, and self-awareness. The color blue has always been a calming shade, and there is no doubt about this stone. Lapis Lazuli yoni eggs regenerate peace in your spiritual being. The hue also stands for prosperity and abundance.

The stone acts as a bridge between the gap of the physical world and the spiritual realm. Regular use and meditation with the Lapis Lazuli yoni eggs will establish a deep connection between you and your deepest desires. You will uncover the secrets of the other side like never before, including conversing with ancestors. It will aid you in discovering your purpose in life, and help you achieve them.

Lapis Lazuli yoni eggs are beneficial for conditions of the throat, larynx, and vocal cords. The stone aids in the regulation of the endocrine and thyroid glands. They aid in overcoming hearing loss and other problems in nasal and ear passages.

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