Extra large yoni eggs

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Extra large yoni eggs

Yoni eggs are suave egg-shaped crystal crafted from jade used by women for pelvic floor muscles. It isn’t called Yoni Egg for nothing, it translates to "sacred temple", which is quite reasonable given its healing benefits. Yoni egg is popular among women because of its holistic healing properties, it makes you conquer your sexual traumas and blockages.

Intensify your orgasms through regular kegel training, it has the power to make you multi-orgasmic and sexually animated. It takes you to a higher plane of sexual sensations, one that you would never achieve without the help of yoni egg training.

Moving your way up to becoming a Sex Goddess requires specific steps. It first boils down to the size of your yoni egg. For beginners, it’s always better to start with extra-large yoni eggs as your pelvic floor muscles aren’t fully developed yet.

Yoni eggs are considered to be a powerhouse of a tool, these are special eggs that can strengthen women’s inner chi. These eggs aren’t for sexual empowerment alone, but women all across the globe are using this to boost creativity.

Its healing effects enable women to improve their creativity for work, making tasks easier to finish and with more efficiency. It intensifies your passion for day-to-day activities and pushes you to conquer your day with much gusto.

A number of women choose to use Jade because of its incredible healing properties. Yoni eggs are drilled either vertically or horizontally for string placement. The string makes it easier to remove the yoni eggs from your sacred place after yoni exercises. Yoni eggs have been holistically healing women since ancient China, it’s been around now for over 5,000 years. Interestingly enough, since it’s considered to be a powerhouse for women, the healing benefits of yoni eggs were kept in secret by the royals.
Empresses who used yoni eggs became extremely powerful as it unleashed their inner power to do great things, it was kept from non-royal women.

Today, however, Yoni eggs are being celebrated by women in their very own household as a means of exercising their inner power. Women who are yet to uncover the power of yoni eggs are recommended to start with extra-large yoni eggs for an effective kegel exercise session, go for smaller ones after you have trained your muscles to do so.

Anyone who wants to see what yoni eggs can do to your mind, body, and soul are more than welcome to use it. There’s no age limit to yoni egg exercises, and there are no specific requirements as well, even if you are on your menopausal period. Women use yoni eggs for childbirth recovery as well. It fastens the recovery period, making you feel stronger and more confident about your body.

Our extensive Extra Large Yoni Eggs collection is handpicked and designed for any first time users to have a rocking good time with their first yoni egg experience. These eggs are crafted from high-quality stones, offering amazing health benefits.

What are you waiting for? Unleash your inner strength hidden from within with our top-quality yoni egg collection!

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