Garnet yoni eggs

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Garnet yoni eggs

Garnet stands out among the many semi-precious stones because of its distinctive glassy glow, which makes it one of the most elegant stone you’ll ever find. It’s already given that it could easily pass for a home ornament, it’d fool most onlookers with its mystical design. However, its power can do more than that.

Garnet actually comes from the word granatus. It means seed or gain in Latin because of the stone looks like, Granet’s appearance is similar to that of a small round seed of pomegranate. Commonly, Garnet boasts a beautiful color of red. However, its color varies depending on the stone’s composition. It can either have a strong, dark red color or a brownish kind of red. Its color does not change its healing benefits.

While it’s true that Garnets are mostly red, you will find a diversity of colors outside red. In our Garnet Yoni Eggs collection, there are Garnet stones in color pink, orange, green, deep brown, and even purple red! When Garnet is exposed to natural or artificial light, it may look like the color olive green or pale pink.

Genuine Garnet stone can be found in Austria, Hungary, Canada, Brazil, South Africa, and lastly, India. Our collection of authentic Garnet stones have been mined in these countries. Garnets are the perfect yoni eggs to choose for those who want to cleanse their body, mind, and spirit from negative energies. Training regularly with our Garnet Yoni Egg ensures that these three aspects are functioning perfectly together, enabling you to give 100% of your performance all the time.

Garnet stone can help you regain balance in your life. It makes you feel safe and protected from unwanted energies, allowing you to work on your inner strength. Women who need a life boost can pop these Garnet Yoni Eggs in between their legs, adding this to your holistic regimen harnesses your creativity, which helps you in all of your endeavors.

Garnets are also extremely popular to women all across the globe because of its power to unleash sexuality. It has the power to reignite lost flame with your significant other, it makes your passion stronger with your lover.
Garnet Yoni Eggs help you with your relationship, it builds a strong and lasting partnership because it brings out your hidden creative powers to fruition.

Women who are going through tough times usually relive their stress by doing kegel exercises with Garnet Yoni Eggs. It helps you achieve emotional stability in your life. It delivers self-confidence, allowing you to move forward without any fear or trepidation. For women who want to boost their charisma, Garnet Yoni Eggs are the way to go. It gives you the needed inspiration and vitality to conquer the day with a smile on your face.
Garnets are also popular for its benefits on meditation and achieving cosmic consciousness. This helps you connect with your spirit guides, so you’ll delve into higher spiritual energies.

Our Garnet Yoni Eggs Collection comes with protective energy to keep you safe from nightmares as well!
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