Moonstone yoni eggs

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Moonstone yoni eggs

One of the most interesting types of minerals is the Moonstone. Ancient Romans believed that it literally came from the heavenly body in space, adding that the stones appeared as the moon's rays solidified whilst shining down the earth. As much as we'd like that to be true, Moonstone originated from two species of feldspar: orthoclase and albite. Deposits of the gemstone are found in a number of countries: namely Armenia, Australia, the Austrian Alps, Mexico, Madagascar, Myanmar, Norway, Poland, India, Sri Lanka, and the United States.

Moonstone yoni eggs are believed to enhance both the sensuality and femininity of women. They are considered very gentle stones but definitely powerful. They can also enhance your intuitive powers, giving you more insight and helping you see the brighter side of the world. For creative professionals or anyone who is in need of a broader inspiration, Moonstone yoni eggs are perfect as they can release creativity in all sorts.

If you're feeling blue, green with envy, red with anger, and anything in between, this is the ideal gemstone for you. Moonstone yoni eggs help balance your emotions, and in a practical way so. This stone is capable of knowing that life is not all happiness, sunshine, and rainbows; balancing your emotions will give you a little bit of everything, but not too much.

Known as a very soothing healing gemstone, the Moonstone yoni eggs will softly regenerate your sensuality and wholeness. They can handle all personal burdens and lessen them for you; they can also help enhance your intimacy when lovemaking with your partner is not the same anymore. With its tender nature, it can help create a calming and soothing space for a peaceful and quiet surrounding. Speaking your mind will never be a drawback again as they can also help improve your communication by urging you to release your deepest thoughts.

Moonstone yoni eggs can aid in the healing of kidney dysfunction as well as help improve blood circulation. They can assist in the healing of metabolic disorders such as diabetes, fatigue, and chronic fatigue.

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