Ruby yoni eggs

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Ruby yoni eggs

Known as one of the most common gemstones and mainly used to add value and elegance in jewelry, Ruby stones can also be carved and polished into yoni eggs. Although not similar in terms of value (it would be very expensive if they were), the properties that they carry are one and the same. Ruby stones are typically mined in Myanmar, but in the present time, it has been discovered and can be extracted in many parts of the world.

With the help of the Ruby's metaphysical healing properties, regular use of Ruby yoni eggs help the person to be in more ease as she continues on with her life. This means lesser stress, worrying, anxiety, and doubts. Which also means that the eggs made from this gemstone have the power to eliminate negativity such as depression, anger, heartbreak, sadness or the mourning of any loss.

Ruby yoni eggs also have the power to aid the body's ability to heal itself or help with the healing of previous mentally and emotionally traumatic issues one has had in the past. They can boost and enhance the entire energy field in the user's body. When one's body is fully energized with positivity, it is automatically followed with encouragements of joy, laughter, spontaneity, courage, and happiness in general. As you might have noticed, many people--women in particular--wear ruby gemstones as jewelry. That is because ruby symbolizes wealth, and anyone who owns and regularly wears or uses ruby is believed to protect and maintain their monetary wealth and status.

The stone detoxifies the body overall, including the blood and lymphatic system. Ruby yoni eggs can help in the healing of heart disorders, as well as improve one's physical vitality. They can aid in the treatment of fever, infectious diseases, and restricted blood flow. Ruby yoni eggs also encourage and stimulate the adrenals, kidneys, spleen, and the reproductive organs.

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