Tigers eye yoni eggs

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Tigers eye yoni eggs

The Tiger's Eye is a mineral that usually boasts a reddish to brown hue with stripes of golden yellow. Believed to be the ultimate power crystal in the world of gemstones, the name Tiger's Eye came from its extraordinary resemblance to an actual tiger's eye or that of a cat's eye. The majority of the stones are mainly found in South Africa and Western Australia, although they can also be mined in some places such as Brazil, India, Burma, and the USA.

On account to the name and its zoological similarity, Tiger's Eye yoni eggs give off the same vibration of the animals' instincts: charming, graceful, poised, but ready to prowl. These particular yoni eggs aid in the boosting of one's self-confidence and creativity, especially in the times they are most needed. Whether that be public speaking, acing that next job interview, or that fear of submitting that proposal to your boss, Tiger's Eye yoni eggs are perfect if you need that push and boost to keep you going. If you are someone who has been locked up in her own self-doubt, fear, and self-loathing, Tiger's Eye yoni eggs will aid in removing that negative energy and help you focus on your own goals, dreams, and desires--perfect for professionals in the creative field, people in the business or if you're in the works of putting up one.

The Tiger's Eye yoni eggs boost your endocrine system, helping your body balance your hormones, which in turn clears up your mind and enabling you to think quickly, critically, and sharply. They can also stimulate fertility, relieve people suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD), frequent nightmares, and depression. Tiger's Eye yoni eggs can aid in the healing of eye and throat disorders, stomach and gallbladder issues, help lower your blood pressure, relieve asthma attacks, and even improve your night vision.

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